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  1. I have a vape pen 22 , and it will not charge. I have changed the coil and I have not misused. Although sometimes I can get it to work, but today it doesn’t want to work at all. When I can get it to work the charge only lasts for about a hour, then it’s dead. Is the battery itself bad? I have another one that is starting to do the same! Is there any suggestions you might have for me? Then again I may be able to call where I bought it from and get a replacement. One problem, I moved from Kentucky to Ohio and I went to a vape store here and they never heard of of a vape pen 22 or the juice I use sweet fire! Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated. Another question about the pen. When it’s charged shouldn’t the light be green? I have never seen it green it’s always red. I charge all night! Maybe I am mistaken. Moving to Ohio I might have to change all together! So what is the easiest and kind of inexpensive vapor pen. I don’t vape a whole lot so something like the vape 22. Not into the old version, you know the old skinny kind! I started with those and I have stopped smoking for 11 years after smoking 40, quite a switch. It does the job. Thank you so very much if you have any suggestions!
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