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  1. Thanks! We'll have to take some time to decide, but these look like some great options
  2. Hello! I wanted to go straight to the classifieds to see about buying a used kit, but apparently I have to start here. My husband started smoking again this week due to all the stress of recent events. He is a night shift worker and took on more hours this week so one of his coworkers wouldn't have to travel during curfew hours. He is really upset about what is going on in the world right now and wants to quit again as soon as possible for multiple reasons, which I could list, but I'm sure many of you already have a pretty good idea. This is the first time he has smoked in over two years, and when he quit, he did so through vaping. He's tried lots of other smoking cessation products in the past, but vaping is the only thing that worked for him, so he wants another vape now. Since he's too stressed to do the research himself, he has assigned me the task of finding something inexpensive, but so far I'm lost. It seems that all the low-priced items I see are all cosmetic things, and we're not concerned with how it looks. He's communicated a little with me about a few things he wants. He wants a large tank he won't have to refill often and coils that will last at least two weeks with heavy use. Basically, he wants durability and convenience. We'll also need batteries and a charger, unless the battery is built into the unit. Please message me if you have an old, reliable kit you are willing to sell. Maybe something that just doesn't look pretty enough for you or whatever. If you could point me in the direction of where to get replacement coils and juices on a tight budget, that would be wonderful as well :) If you don't have an old kit you are willing to part with but know of a great deal on a good starter kit, please drop some links for me. Thanky!
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