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  1. It's The Electronic Cigarette company www.tecc.co.uk I will probably just use these then Thanks Jimmy! Abs
  2. Hello! I'm brand new to vaping I'm UK based, started to vape during the lockdown, feels like it's the right time! Struggling to find a good place for e-liquid. I am looking for suggestions on good liquid deals as I have only been able to get them from supermarkets at the minute, but for around £5 a bottle it seems like its really expensive. I feel really clueless on finding a reliable site to get me through. I have done the standard googling but it seems like everywhere has some deal on, I have seen one for 33% off e-liquid but I'm not sure if this is a good deal or not. If anyone knows the best place to find good quality e-liquid which is cheap and has reliable service etc I would really appreciate the help!
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