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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not really new to vaping been vaping since june of 2017, didn't give up my cigars until november of 2017 though... I'm currently doing my research on RDA's and trying to decide which one I'd like to get I've got a couple I'm looking at with serious interest. The Hellvape drop dead RDA The VandyVape Widowmaker RDA and The Wotofo Profile RDA. I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who uses or has used any of the 3 Thank you Vape on
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here on the forum, been vaping about 2 years now, started out with a stick mod and I'm now vaping an Eleaf iKuu i200 with a smok baby prince tank fitted with a 0.15ohm mesh coil currently using Black Note Sonata E-Juice and enjoying the heck out of it. Vape on
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