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  1. I know this is an old post but for anyone re visiting with the same problem, the other answers people have given are 100% true however id like to add my own 2 cents here... So the coil here says 15-60w so that means you can vape from 15 to a realistic 50w because pushing to the max60 will burn your coil still and increase a dry hit chance (you will know when this happens as it's really harsh and you cough) of course "vaping 101" also prime your cotton on the coils with ejuice but don't flood them then fill the tank and let it sit for a minute to absorb all liquid, now the coil also says OCC... Now there's many coil types you can get from ssocc (stainless steel) which is what I use at 0.5 ohm coils all the way up to ceramic coils and Clapton coils to nichrome to kanthal coils and they will change the flavour, some people say it makes the biggest difference to flavour others will say it doesn't make a difference by much... It's all down to you so try different coils to see what fits you best... However before buying say a ceramic coil your best doing a bit of research behind them to see if they are the coil best for you, and generally take apart and clean your tank out, I personally do it every 10 refills especially if using a mix of different juices for each refill or I'm vaping a darker juice than the colour of an energy drink type colour... This should help the flavour and even a couple other problems you may notice like spitback from your drip tip Also nicotine levels! If your flavour is bad or harsher than you like and your on 12 - 18mg try dropping as low as a 3 - 6mg... All this information should help give you the best flavour from these types of tanks!
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