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  1. JUUL a popular brand in the manufacturing of Vaping Devices has opened private retail stores. In September, the FDA announced that a “blitz” on retailers resulted in more than 1,300 warning letters and fines related to sales of Juuls and other e-cigarettes to minors. In November, the agency proposed a plan to limit flavored vape products to age-restricted, adult-only stores, such as vape shops. The reader must go through the special points which the authorities consider to be useful in putting things back in order. Some of the points are mentioned here : - Raising the Age Bar Not Enough In the month of September, the FDA had announced that a sudden form of search on numerous retailers became the reason for a large number of issuing “Warning Letters”. Thanks
  2. Well, seeing this, the Indian health organization is carrying out the necessary steps for making sure that consumption of cigarettes is well-controlled. This is surprising that Indian officials are of the opinion that banning or putting a restriction on E-Cigarettes will bring out good results. It is by the safest and best way of making sure that habit of smoking “Traditional Cigarette” is taken care of. Please read more details here : Is it right to curb swelling of “Tobacco Smokers ? Thanks
  3. India has become a promising market for the sale of E-Cigarettes in large numbers. The representative of Reuters had transmitted the news of the JUUL Labs Inc (American Electronic Cigarette Company) having a keen interest in launching the product by 2019. Please visit more details here : JUUL Debuts in Indian Vaping Market Thanks
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