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  1. Just to update my post, as I cannot edit it any longer. I buy my e-liquid at Damp Fabriek: https://dampfabriek.com/ There you can find all sort of sweet flavors like Milkshake, Peach, Pancakes (yeah, for real hahaha) and many others.
  2. I really like Pukka Juice - Lime Lemonade. I love citric fruits, so it is an amazing flavor for me. I would also include Black N' Blue and Zap Melonade. They're just amazing!
  3. Just get some good CBD e-liquid and you will get better results. If you're looking to get the best benefits from CBD, then buy some good oil and put it under your tongue (2 drops in the morning, 2 drops in the afternoon and 3 drops before going to sleep). Works like a charm.

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