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  1. The Candy King Grab Bag is the perfect way to add a little mystery to one of best selling eJuice brands!
  2. Hit That Cookie by Hit That Juice Macadamia is rich creamy white chocolate, the rich flavor of the macadamia nut mixed with golden cookie batter
  3. Classic fall flavors are blended with frosty menthol in Cran-Apple Iced e-Liquid by Ruthless.
  4. The Pancake House Raspberry Hotcakes by Göst Vapors gives you a big stack of buttermilk pancakes smothered in sweet raspberries with a raspberry syrup.
  5. Charming cronut donut in a big glass of milk. Marina Classics Kronuts eJuice brings a flaky flurry to the usually doughy dessert.
  6. Take a trip to the seaside with every bottle of Mad Hatter’s I Love Taffy e-juice for authentic peach saltwater taffy candy flavor.
  7. Mixed berries swirled into a sugary sweet lemonade. Try it
  8. A macaroon cookie made with fresh strawberries, creamy almonds, and toasted coconut. Try it.
  9. Do you ever taste it An irresistible concoction of freshly peeled banana and the creamiest of milk for a bold experience.
  10. Coastal Clouds’ Deep Sea: The Traveler eJuice sets sail for a journey across the ocean in order to give you a dessert that’s about as Mediterranean as it gets.
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