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  1. Hello guys, i have been vaping since almost 2 years now when i started i was vaping on a pod using 30mg salt nicotine then switched after that to normal nicotine 9 and since that time i been having problem with constipation and not being able to gas its like i have a feel to gas but i cant i feel it moves the it goes back again and this gives me really bad feeling and pains also iam an IBS patient but smoking ciggs didnt give me these problems with ibs
  2. Hello am new to this i bought my aspire aio 2 months ago and i was really enjoying it instead of cigarettes and i stopped smoking cigarettes since i bought it but two days ago i dropped it and after that it was working well, but after i changed the coil and put a new liquid it stopped firing, i changed the coil for a new one again it started working but it stopped working 1 day after that randomly, i tried replacing the coil with a 3rd new one and it still doesnt work and i even replaced the upper part and try a new one with a new cartage still doesn't work, offcorse i charged my device and it
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