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  1. Hello males and females I'm making myself absolutely nuts trying to find a new RTA. I have been using the first gen Aromamizer since it came out. I really love this tank. The flavor is the best of the ones I've had. I tried the Smok tfv8, flavor wasn't great, and leaked all over me especially when I was driving. There were a couple others I had, flavor just didn't cut it. I'd keep using the Aromamizer, but the one thing that drives me crazy is the small build deck. I've started messing around with trying different coils, alot of them don't fit, and it generally takes alot of prying and jimmying to get any coil right. I wish I could combine the rest of the Aromamizer with the Smok deck. My foremost ideals are flavor, and a decent sized deck. I like MTL vaping. I've been looking at: Aromamizer + or supreme v.2. I'm leaning towards this cuz I know I already like the Aromamizer. I've read the v2 is just a plus cut down in size. The only problem is they're mostly out of stock, and the ones in the us I found are expensive. Which isn't a deal breaker, it just grinds my gears a little. Geek vape Zeus dual or x- I've read the flavor isn't tgat great Geek vape Creed- this is probably my #2 choice, maybe. Also the silver play and augvape intake. If any of you have used the Aromamizers, and could compare it to the flavor preformance of these others, I would appreciate it very much. Ive bought a few other tanks, been disappointed and keep using the Aromamizer, don't want it to happen this time
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