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  1. Okay I really do appreciate all of your help I will post when I get my vape and set it up
  2. Thank you so much lol and I will I have been doing a lot of research just wasnt to for sure about the wattage and the tc options bc if I'm not wrong when you use tc you then have to fo into if the coil/wire is the s.s, ti. Etc right or am I wrong I do know I have thought about vaping around 35-60 watts maybe not for sure tho. And when I get it I just take and prime the coil/cotton and then let it set for about 10 minutes right just wanting to make sure i dont accidentally do something wrong thank you for the help by the way
  3. Hey yall I am new to this and got the smok t-priv and was wondering what wattage is best to vape it at? And what coils? And is there anything I need to know any & all advice is welcomed just wanting to make sure I am setting it up right. Any Do's and don'ts please let me know thanks yall :-)
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