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  1. Holla guys , I wanna change my Vandy Vape Revolver because it has a weird taste and i don't like it . I can choose between : 1. Tauren RTA 24 mm by Thunder Head 2. MK RTA Acevape 3. BILLOW X RTA Ehpro 4. Kylin V2 RTA Vandy Vape Please HELP!
  2. Hey guys, NEW RTA , barely used. I can constant wax taste ... Low flavour( barely can feel something ) . Tried everything - different cotton , different coils etc . Taste is waxy / dry although liquid gets in good.
  3. Hey guys , maybe someone can help me : I have a Vandy Vape Revolver RT and used it with Fused Clapton SS316L Coilology or GeekVape Hybrid Alpha Braid Coil ( both around 0,35 ) and use them at 40-48W The problem i have is that the taste is HORRIBLE - something bitter , annoying . I use the liquid now on the old atomizer from Joyetech with standard coil . There is enough liquid in the cotton, and it's not a burn taste , but a bitter weird taste non related to the liquid itself ... Any ideas why ???

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