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  1. gbalkam

    ego aio troubleshooting

    If resetting it didnt work, try a new charger.. (usb charger right?) If that didn't work.... Toss it.. buy a new one. They call them all in one for a reason. Sorry guy, but you aren't the first person i've seen having problems with those aio devices. End result is the same.. check usb charger, try reset. try new coil.. toss mod and buy another one. You can get an nice starter kit for about the same cost, with replaceable coils and batteries.
  2. gbalkam

    Pins and needles wakes me in the night

    I have to agree with the others. It may occur while you vape, but it doesn't seem like an issue related to anything involved in vaping. Pins and needles is usually blood supply being cut off to limbs.. like when you sit on your foot.. Perhaps change your position more often while vaping and drink more water as suggested.
  3. gbalkam

    Pins and needles wakes me in the night

    could be just the way you sleep or sit while vaping, since you aren't constantly bending your elbow, but are probably holding your vape in an upright position. Either way.. think of it like this... Pins and needles until you kick the cigarettes (deal with nicotine from vaping later) OR risk the BIG C. to me.. no contest. If it were an issue.. I would vape less often but stay off the cigs.
  4. gbalkam

    Just signed on here

    Hi fellow vapers. Some might recognize my username, I keep the same one. I am sometimes a bit abrasive. In other words.. i wont pad my words to spare your feeling. Im not ignorant.. but I am very direct. That said.. I am an advanced ( although not expert) vaper. Meaning I know about mechs but still learning. I prefer a regulated mod though, my mech is only for building competition builds. Cloud chasing is more of a hobby to follow while I was getting off tobacco. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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