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  1. I just purchased a G Priv, and the clock doesn't seem to work properly. I.e., I set it for 4:37 and now a few days later, guess what time it lists? 4:37. I was hoping there might be a firmware update available, but after much googling and scanning the official Smok site, there doesnt appear to be one. I know there is an update for the h priv, but surely the chipset and firmware of a touchscreen mod is completely different. Long story short, has anyone else ran into the clock issues with their G Priv and is there a firmware update I am missing out there on Smok's extremely convoluted web page?
  2. I just picked up a G Priv today, and I am definitely enjoying it. As of now, there isn't a G Priv firmware update available anyways, is there? I own an alien and updated it's firmware, and I see a firmware upgrade available on the H Priv, but surely that doesnt apply to the G Priv as well?
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