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  1. Well Iwent out today to my local vape shop and bought a x cube2 instead of the snowwolf after watching a lot of reviews. An I got to say this xcube is the poo!!! As i walked into the shop to look for a new mod i noticed the guy that walked in behind me had a snowwolf in his hand so I asked him what he thought of it....he said " get the xcube" so I did Lol.........if anyone it thinking about getting a xcube2 do it there great!
  2. What tank are you using.. And at what watt are you vaping at? May need to turn down a Lil and make sure the coil is primed well.....also if you vape a dark juices they tend to gunk up coils pretty fast just a thought.... But if you are getting burnt hits the coil is done and needs to be changed.......if you are using a good tank your coil should last more than 5 days as long as you don'thave the watts up to high .but i don't know about how long a jomo coil should last. Hope this helps,don't give up on vaping!
  3. I am lookin into getting a snowolf. Would love to here from anyone who has one. It will be my at home vape. And i will turn my subbox mini into my at work rig.......allso what rba sub tank would be best to pair up with a snowwolf...full size kanger subtank?.......thanks in advance.....
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