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  1. Thank you for answering I tried resetting the coil head and it still read the same 0.69oms but on wattage its reading 0.64oms I have even reset the atomizer and still get that reading so should I replace the tank or get a different tank just curious if ther is something wrong with the mod but I dont think there is because I put the ariganle tank on it and it did fine any suggestions on tanks a coils I should use other then the ego one mega
  2. My question is I got an evict vtc mini and its nice I didn't care for the tank it came with and got a kangertech sub tank mini and I tried the nickel coils for variable temp and that worked nicely but I noticed that the mod I got the update from joytech the 200 one and even befor that the coil head read 0.15oms but the mod read it as a 0.73oms and it hapend when I switched it to the regular coil head the kangertank comes with I'm using the 15 to 60 watt coil heads that are a 0.5om but my mod first ead it as a 0.72om and is naw reading it at a 0.69om and was wounding if I should continue use if the mod is not reading it correctly
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