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  1. TnPatriotIII

    Sample Flavors

    Compenstine, your speaking German to me. I only say German cause I can speak a few words. I had a EMOW but but girlfriend decided she wanted it and I had to buy a new one so I got the Kanger Sub Mini Kit. The woman said if I come in, in a few days there are doing a class on building coils and that I should come in and learn.
  2. TnPatriotIII

    Sample Flavors

    Hey guys, quick question. I have an order coming of a few different flavors. Instead of waiting till my tank is empty, or draining it and re filling the tank with the other flavors, is there a way I can just sample the flavors?
  3. TnPatriotIII

    Hey yall

    Well I spent one day with my girlfriend who also switches back and forth like me and she basically used my vape all day. I got just enough puffs to be good nicotine wise, now she is wanting mine because it looks like a pen and ain't a box mod (kinda been researching about the "culture" or what ever you would like to call it). Is it true the Kangers? are like the BMW of the vape world? I was told this by a friend, and I have no issue dropping 100 bucks or so onto a set or mixing and matching for a set as long as it is the good ones. I really don't know how much my tank holds liquid wise but it seems that I have had to refill it 3 times since I got it. Although it could just be the usage it has met these last 2 days. And also, does anyone have any experience with the subscription boxes? My gf loves them darn things and she has found a few for vape liquids. Also if there is any info a newb should know please tell me!d
  4. TnPatriotIII

    Hey yall

    Thanks guys, bcarter, yes I am from TN. So would call care if I just ask my questions here instead of creating new topics and such.
  5. TnPatriotIII

    Hey yall

    Hey yall, my name is Jon but call me whatever you want. Just started vaping today, spent 2 years switching back and forth from cigs to dip whenever I throat started to hurt and back to smoking whenever my gums would hurt. Went and bought me a EMOW and a few flavors to test and see what I like for now.

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