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  1. After posting negative reviews last night I received 3 phone calls from them today and 1 voicemail offering to reimburse my shipping. They will also give me a $25 credit if I will "work with them" about the reviews.
  2. HA! FXRich - that's why I had my husband call. I'd have just ripped them up one side and down the other. There are a million ways this could have gone down but they chose the wrong one. It's okay though, I'll be reporting this to the BBB and to every one of their suppliers. If it's only going to take a dozen phone calls for me to get this frustration out of my system (and maybe exact a little revenge) then so be it.
  3. Just wanted to update - I returned the package and just ate the return shipping fee so I'd be done with the whole thing. Interestingly enough there is no answer at any of the phone numbers for VaporSeller so out of frustration my hubby called the manufacturer, 7th Floor. (I have hubby do these types of things because he is just so much nicer than I am) The rep at 7th Floor was very displeased to hear about the situation and is going to be passing the info along. And while that doesn't sound like anything important, this is the time of year when they review all their vendor contracts and decide who to renew with.
  4. Exactly, that's a civil thing. I'm just so stunned by the level of hubris.
  5. I'm usually the quiet girl but honestly, I think other people need to know what happened to me. VaporSeller accidentally sent me two. The first package was from them and less than a week later (this Monday) I received a second from somebody named Kim A. I was out of town when the second one arrived and since I have no idea who Kim A. is I wasn't going to have my husband return it until I got back home and could figure out who/where it was from and why I'd gotten it. Today (Thursday) when I got back into town and my cell service came back up I saw that I'd gotten a call from VaporSeller on Wednesday. I was left a voicemail stating that if I don't return it in the next day or two they will call the police. Yes, you read that right. They accidentally sent me two and instead of just asking me to return the second one or pay for it they have threatened me with police action for theft. If I'd had any idea that this is the way they choose to do business I'd have gladly paid the extra money to get it from somewhere else. The vape (Da Buddha) is great but the $50 I saved was definitely not worth the frustration, drama, and anger.

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