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  1. Bought my iTaste MVP last summer. Love it, works great, battery lasts a reasonable amount of time, no issues...till now... This week my iClear 30S came. I cleaned it out, filled it up, let it set for a little bit and popped it onto one of my vision spinners. This thing vapes like a monster, it's great. When my iTaste was done charging I popped it on there and it didnt work at all. The iTaste lights up but won't fire the tank. I pulled out my iClear 30 and put it on the iTaste, no problems, fires right up. I read on some forums that the contact in the iClear 30s can sometimes get "jammed" back up in the unit so I took some needle nose pliers and gently worked the contact so that it was just below the rim of the threads. Didnt work. Another forums said that the contact in the iTaste can sometimes get stuck or gummed up. So i cleaned the crap out of it and tired again. Didnt work. Yet another thread suggested that the vanity ring on the itaste can sometimes keep the clearomizer from making proper contact. I removed the vanity ring. Didnt work. Looking for suggestions or solutions to this issue if there are any.
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