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  1. I vape apple when I hunt. Deer love apples. Or there is this kust for hunting. http://www.shopcoppercreek.com/Buck-Hunter-unflavored_p_250.html
  2. I have those cheap cheesy transparent 18650/18350 cases. Those are junk. The soft cases only hold 4 18350 or 2 18650. Is there anything else out there? Would like something that holds at least 4 18650s and fits in a pocket? You would think somebody woud have made something nice by now? All kinds of nice battery holders for AA,AAA,C,D and cr123.
  3. I think I have my Fogger working better. No RY4 on me but I had some other juice that seems to be pretty good with it. Sitting on my coolfire 2 @ 11 watts.
  4. Good point. T3S single coil 1.9 ohm SMOK BDCT 1.5 ohm Iclear 30B dual coil 2.1 ohm
  5. Put the same RU4 in my glass tank SMOK BDCT and blah, no taste at all. After filling the tank, I drip into the clearo to get the cotton wet. Still no taste at all. Tastes great in the T3S still. Makes no sense to me. I still haven't tried it in the Fogger yet, maybe that will work?
  6. Interesting, thanks. I'm going to try a different coil/wick build on the Fogger to see if that helps. I don't really like using plastic tanks so I hope I can figure this out.
  7. I started out last July with Kanger T3S's. From there, I moved on to a Protank 2, Smok 6ml BDCT, Fogger V3 and an Iclear 30B. None of them make juice taste as good as the cheap junky looking T3S. My favorite juice is RY4. I can only taste the carmel in the T3S. Why is this? Everything else I have mutes the flavor. The T3S has a coil similar to the PT2 but the PT2 isn't near as good for flavor. So confused. I figured the Fogger V3 would be way better than everything else but nope. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Figured there would be some more posts by now
  9. Lets see some more pics. Would love to hear about your guns as well.
  10. Added the SVD Stock Set, Bi Pod and 10 round mag. I did keep the original Tiger Stock Set.
  11. Sorry, must have misplaced the wording. Yes, That one is a 1911 Lee Enfield No 1 MK3 with Australian 2nd Military District markings. 102 years old and shoots great. Don't plan on shooting it very often though. .303 Brit is expensive and harder to find than other ammo. Going to start reloading though. I got the 1961 Nylon 66 fom my Aunt just a few years ago. I'm 39 and that is the gun that my Uncle taught me how to shoot with when I was 10 years old. My Uncle passed away in 2006. Found out two years ago that my Aunt still had that gun. Got it for my B Day two years ago:) Great shape and shoots like it did back then. Took my first rabbit with that gun. The Dragunov I found at a garage sale last October lol. Don't think they knew exactly what they had. Here are two pics from that garage sale.
  12. A few Imported from B West in 1993 Russian Dragunov Tiger 7.62x54R 1961 Seneca Green Nylon 66
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