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  1. bobthesalesclerk, You wrote this: .. and then you wrote this: Which juice are you describing in that second quote?
  2. Wow I watched that video and those things look like a pain in the butt. I mean $1.50 is a good price I guess, but it's got so many pieces. Plus I don't like the flat tipped stuff. And I like the larger capacity of the EMDCCs (even though it says 5 ml, I can't get more than about 3 ml).
  3. By the way: Hahaha I've never heard that one before. Very funny!
  4. Thanks, folks. Deadpool, I am using the eGo Mega Dual Coils, which hold around 3.5 - 4 ml of juice. That's why I'm using a syringe. Does anyone know if the product at the link below is the same as an eGo Mega DCC? http://www.shop.goodprophets.com/product.sc?productId=217&categoryId=34
  5. Hi folks, I just got my EMDCCs in the mail, along with some syringes and 18 gauge blunt-tip needles. My questions: 1. When I started filling my cartos with this needle, when putting the needle alongside the batting, it pushed the batting away from the sides a bit. Is that going to hurt anything, do you think? 2. I've seen some people flick their syringe before they start filling. What does that do? Just get air bubbles out? What happens if I don't do that? 3. How do I take apart a syringe to clean it? Thanks as always, friends! James
  6. Thanks, joe2003. So I thought W = VA, not W = VO?
  7. Thanks, guys. Here's a completely unrelated question: Why do they say you have to make SURE your cartos are completely dry after a cleaning before you refill them? Why does it matter? lol
  8. Hi folks, So I still don't understand how volts, ohms, mAhs, etc. relate to each other, and what you do to figure out what goes with what. Someone posted a PDF with volts and ohms and then some resulting number, have no idea what the unit of measurement would be. I don't understand what to do with that. Now instead of asking someone to explain it all to me, let me just ask questions. To be honest, I've studied this stuff many times, and I've never understood it, especially in relation to e-cigs. 1. I've got LR cartos. The person I bought my kit from said that the fact that the eGo batter
  9. So what are the units that come out of that, and what does one do with those numbers? This is stuff I still don't understand. :-/
  10. Cigarettes gone and replaced with PVs? I hate to say this but you're dreaming. There's way too much money in cigarettes. Government will never let that happen.
  11. Hi folks, I need to mail 2 little 15 ml bottles of juice to someone, and that's all. What do you all think is the best way to do this? Thanks for the help! James
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