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Trio 85 leakage

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I am by no means a vape expert...I bought a suorin trio 85 and I have been having some major pod leakage problems...anyone else have this? My coil is rated in the 60 to 70 watt range but I only use about 35 to 40 watts cuz I don't like hot vape...any help would be appreciated...seems to be leaking from my coil...I did order more coils and a new pod but they haven't arrived yet...thanks

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I bought one a few days ago off a clearance site ,with some spare coils and a spare pod ...it was ok for a few days , then noticed a small puddle around where it was stood, checked the other pod which I filled with a different flavour ....also leaky, I think the coils dont seal into the pod as they should; Now the device doesnt switch on , so I guess moisture got into it, my advice: either return it, or at least keep the pod seperate while not using...there are some Suorin leak fix videos on YT, but not sure if for the trio.

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