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Jonny Stevenson

Battery Safety & All Things Lithium Ion

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If you are like, I’m not as worried now, how would I charge my mod batteries? Then you should read these #Vape Battery Safety Tips & All Things Lithium Ion. 

What on earth does 18650 IMR actually mean!?

Well the trick to crack the code is to break it down 18mm x 65mm cylinder shape 18(mm)-65(mm)-0(cylinder) simple! IMR is the chemical make up of the battery,this particular compound tends to be more stable and if it shorts will likely melt and leak but shouldn’t explode!

Oh god am I going to blow myself up if i use these?!

The simple answer is no, as long as you do nothing stupid!

The basics to keep yourself safe are very simple, always carry your batteries in a case and away from metal things like keys or change and always store them either in a mod or in a case when not in use. The only other thing to remember is not to run them down too far if you use an unregulated mod as it can stress the batteries

What’s the plastic part around it, Should I take it off?


The plastic wrap around the battery and round insulator are the only real battery safety features that these batteries have. If you damage or remove them battery becomes unsafe to use. 

I’m not as worried now, how would I charge these?

How you charge your batteries is an important part of your general maintenance. The do’s and dont’s are pretty straight forward!
The main thing is to buy a good quality charger, Personally I recommend Xtar, Nitecore or Opus all will do the job well and be reliable but do check out some reviews because they all have different features and characteristics that may well be better for you!

So what batteries should I get?

This is the big question! Right now in 18650 size the best around are the Samsung 30Q and LG HG2 both have a good 20A rating (how much you can pull) and 3000mah (how long they last) they both perform very well in regulated mods! 


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