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Flying vapes-what are the TSA Vape rules


TSA Vape rule: the sky is high with Vape accessories

Even on a good day, the airport can be a nightmare. Although TSA regulations help make things safer, they also add to the overall complexity. Is this too much shampoo? Can I travel with vape juice? When I inevitably have to take off my shoes, will I be ridiculed for mismatched socks? Imagine that the TSA vape rules themselves can be frightening.


It sounds like traveling with impossible equipment. Correct?

Comply with TSA Vape rules

There is no doubt that various TSA vape rules must be followed when traveling with vaping devices. It is understandable that anything with a battery carries certain risks.

Although there are some things to keep in mind when traveling with a vape device, the good news is that you can travel with a vape device. When travelling with vape juice and kits, please keep the following points in mind to ensure that you travel within the scope of the TSA vape rules.

TSA rules regarding Vape Mods

Regarding vape mods or vaping devices, TSA is very lenient. If you plan to take the mod with you, please keep the following points in mind:


Remove the tank from the mod

If the coil or atomizer is installed, remove it

Remove the battery

Check in the device and take it with you

According to TSA vape rules, the battery must absolutely be removed from the device. After removing the battery, make sure to put the battery in a travel suitcase that meets the regulations. In addition, only batteries can be carried.

Traveling with Vape juice

Now that your module and battery are fixed, it's time to figure out what to do with the juice you kept telling friends to go home.

Put all the juice in a sealed plastic container (the glass may break during driving)

Put the plastic container of vape juice in a clean gallon bag

Remember that most airlines can only hold up to 100ml of liquid in total, including your vape juice

Your juice can be checked in or made

In some cases, it will be easier to buy vape juice when you land. Before packing your entire collection, check the local store at your destination to see if there is any hope. This saves you the trouble of dealing with 100ml limited drinks. When you check out your local store, you may end up finding new favorites.

Pack your tank and RDA

Just like your vape juice container, your water tank is also prone to rupture. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it with you. In addition, please make sure that neither the water tank nor the RDA has any juice to avoid leakage.

It can be checked in, but again it is recommended that you carry it with you to prevent the plane's pressureless cargo container from breaking.


Tips for enjoying the journey

After the vaping device is properly secured and packaged, it is time to make sure to cover the other bases.

For starters, make sure you know the e-cigarette laws of your destination. Some places are not very vape friendly, so you may end up being forced to leave the mod during the entire journey. Some countries even detain or harass people for e-cigarettes due to their strict laws.

As mentioned before, make sure to sort the local vape store before traveling. If you bring your own juice and don't check out the local scene, you might miss some local gems. Again, this can save you the trouble of having to pack the juice in advance.

If you do not have a Pod system, you can also consider using it. This is easier to package than traditional toolkits and requires less work when dealing with TSA regulations.

Things to avoid when traveling with Vape devices

As an e-cigarette enthusiast, you need to take some precautions when traveling abroad or even traveling in the United States.

In addition to complying with the TSA vape rules, you also need to know some precautions about your destination. These preventive measures are not always related to legality, but a conscientious attitude.

Understand the destination’s atomization culture

E-cigarette culture is still incredibly new in the United States and around the world. Even in the United States, e-cigarette regulations are more stringent in some places.

It is especially important to pay attention to the culture surrounding e-cigarettes when traveling abroad, because many developing countries are completely unfamiliar with e-cigarettes. Although these places may not arrest you for fogging in public places, you may still see some strange appearances when you pull out the clouds in the middle of the square.

Always understand the e-cigarette laws of a country/region and ensure that e-cigarettes do not violate local laws or regulations. Sometimes, even if you follow the TSA vape rules, you may not be able to bring your device to certain places. As always, pay attention to the people around you when spraying.

Don't assume there is a Vape store

Finding a local vape store as early as possible can help you save the trouble of packing vape juice, but it can also make you mind, there is nowhere to buy juice in the first place.

Before skipping packing vape juice, please double check if there is a place where you can buy vape juice near your destination. If you can’t see anything, it’s best to check the e-cigarette laws in the area again to make sure you don’t use e-cigarette devices to fly into non-e-cigarette areas.

Don't evaporate on the plane

This should be self-evident, but don't get foggy while flying. You might say: "This is not smoke." Having said that, the Department of Defense still uses batteries that are considered dangerous by the TSA. In addition, the fog will still trigger the smoke alarm, so don't think you will be sneaky, invisible or mist in the bathroom.

Good trip

There may be plenty of TSA vape rules and regulations, but in terms of travel with vape juice and vaping mod, they are easy to follow. Like anything else, understanding and following the rules is the key to easy travel. TSA vape rules exist for a reason, and although they may be annoying, there are actually no strict restrictions.

As always, you should pay attention to the people around you every time you use vape so as not to annoy people or give vaping a bad name. As an emerging practice, e-cigarettes are still under strict scrutiny. It is important that former e-cigarette enthusiasts should also become e-cigarette ambassadors.

Most importantly, travel safely and have a good trip!

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