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  2. Don't know if you've tried them before but there's EC Blends. They have customizable e-liquids in hundreds of flavors. You can even create your own. They also sell 5 ml bottles so you can try lots of different flavors without breaking the bank. Just a thought....
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  4. I'm so sorry to hear this! Good luck to you in the future. I wish you nothing but the best.
  5. For the moment Vapor Talk is working to wrap things up in California and finish up any required paperwork before leaving the state. From then on forward, the focus will primarily be on the forum and online community in general. PMTA is also kicking in (which is federal level) and is not something the board members wish to pursue at the moment unfortunately.
  6. So where do you go from here? Do you have plans to open in other states or is this a federal thing?
  7. Boy I wish we could Unfortunately, due to regulations in California we are simply unable to ship or sell our product lines.
  8. The Aegis Legend Kit from Geek Vape has a durable and water-resistant design, a luxurious leather inlay and rubberized exterior. AS chipset with fast, stable & powerful performance.
  9. Hey everyone! hope you all doing fine! I'm a newbie of Vaportalk really loved this Forum ! I do admit my knowledge is limited to what I know and like, but I have vaped for maybe 3 or so years now! Absolutely love my first vape tank(BTW, <removed spammy link> This guide help me make a decision quickly before buying vape ); being disabled really pushed me into quitting my long habit of smoking and into using e-cigarettes. Not to sound lazy, but it helps to get my fix without having to get out of bed, especially cause I tend to vape all day, since I am bedridden a lot of the time due to my chronic illnesses, lol. (I am one super anxiety and pain ridden girl, so smoking has always helped me calm down and also helps me keep my breathing calm.. It also helps calm down when my chronic pain gets bad! So many perks to quitting cigarettes!)
  10. Welcome ! I'm new to here too
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  12. Putting up the bat-signal for @Christopher to come to the rescue!
  13. You're the only supplier of Dulcis e-liquid in the on-line world and brick and mortar stores!! How in the world am I supposed to order it now that you're closed?
  14. A macaroon cookie made with fresh strawberries, creamy almonds, and toasted coconut. Try it.
  15. This post was one of the first posts (if not THE first post) I responded to when I first started vaping exclusively. I still don't know if making the switch to vaping was the culprit, but the eye twitch eventually went away and I haven't had that problem since, so there's that. Vape on.
  16. Do you ever taste it An irresistible concoction of freshly peeled banana and the creamiest of milk for a bold experience.
  17. Hi all, have you ever tried this Vaporesso Luxe Nano Kit flavors?
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  19. To begin with, any "study" coming out of California, I automatically look at as suspect. When it comes to whether vape or smoke cigarettes, I much prefer my chances vaping over cigarettes. And ..... it may seem a bit morbid to think about, but I would choose to have "my lights go out" with a heart attack than spend my last days in agony with lung cancer from smokes. Now, with that said I'm not in favor of rushing either outcome. That's why after 50 years of smoking cigarettes, after a friend offered me his vape rig to try, I went out and bought myself a setup. The day I started vaping I put cigarettes down and havent looked back. That was 6+ years ago. Vaped 4 years, stopped vaping 2 years ago. So I guess that means now I dont have to worry about having a heart attack or lung cancer.
  20. I just started vaping and I also get the eye twitch after a few puffs. Never had it before so Its definitely the vape or the nicotine!
  21. Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me join. I’m a refugee from a well known place looking for a new home. I honestly believe that have done me a favor! I am enjoying the broadening of my horizons!
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  25. I have a Aegis Solo and run a Cerberus tank and .3ohm Geekvape super mesh x 2 coils. Wonder what is the best atomizer and coil that will taste great and last awhile. Running 43w and using Directors Cut Cold Blooded.
  26. Thank You Thank You
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