What’s with the Firesale?

Hi Folks!

We’ve had a lot of inquires as to why the store is having a huge firesale. Are we closing down? Is Vapor Talk Leaving us! No, we’re certainly not closing down but this is a great time for you to grab some great deals on vape gear!

Vapor Talk has been in business since 2008 and since then we’ve served well over 1 million customers through our forum and online store. As many of you know, we always strive to be as transparent as possible. Vapor Talk is unique in the that many of our customers come hang out with us daily on the forum. Many of you have become like family to us. We love hopping on the forum to see how your day is going. Over the summer the board of directors (Chris, Roger, Qi and the retail team in China) had deep discussions over the future of the company, where we’ll be after PMTA kicks in and of course how we can provide a better experience for our customers.

More than most online stores, Vapor Talk often caters to new vapers. This is likely due to our online forum which currently houses 33,000 members. Often, the Vapor Talk forum is the first stop a new vaper makes when researching what products to purchase. This begining stage is often confusing and frustrating. We’ve spent countless hours on the phone and through our support portal helping new vapers set up their devices, deal with broken units and even price matching. In early 2009 we were one of perhaps 4 online e cig stores. These days, there are hundreds if not thousands of e-cigarette vendors. Many of them offer a wide array of brands for you to choose from. As a company we want to separate ourselves from the masses and offer a more unique experience. More importantly, we have started manufacturing our own hardware and eliquid. This is important because it allows us to control our products from start to finish. When we carry a new brand or product from a 3rd party vendor such as Kanger, JoyeTech etc we have very little control over quality. Sometimes a new unit is launched and we have no idea until it’s out in the wild whether or not it’s going to run into QC issues. Long time vapers are used to this and generally take it in stride. However, for new vapers, it can be an extremly frustrating experience. We spend countless hours supporting our customers with 3rd party products. Even worse, when a device does break, most manufactures in China provide very little assistance.

It’s time for Vapor Talk to mature. We want to cut out the noise and focus on producing high quality products we can support and control directly. This will also allow us to offer longer warranty periods than currently available. Vapor Talk offers a few branded products:

  • Vapor Talk’s Black Label eliquids (currently going through PMTA)
  • Vapor Talk’s Classic Line eLiquids
  • The Ace of Spades which is a great, simple device for beginners
  • The Spade (A great way to try vaping on a budget)
  • The Templar AIO, an easy to use, all in one Sub-Ohm device.

Over the coming months we look forward to releasing our new Red Label, Platinum Label and Founders Blend e liquid lines! Availability and location will be determined depending on applicable regulation.

Finally, with huge investments in place, we look forward to becoming the largest American brand in China. We currently have locations in Qingdao and Hong Kong, with new locations to be opened in Shanghai and Beijing. These are exciting times and we’re anxious to become a global leader in vaping. With this, comes brand consistency. This is just corporate talk for ensuring we don’t mix other brands in with our own (again with keeping things down to earth). Something that could become confusing to vapers new to the world of Vapor Talk.

We know this is quite an adjustment and that not everyone will use our products. We understand and respect that. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping the Vapor Talk Forum brand neutral and understand many of you have your own unique tastes and brands you love.

Hopefully this gives everyone a better insight into what we’re up to. I look forward to launching our new e Liquid lines and highly suggest you keep an eye on our News section. We have 3 new pieces of hardware currently in development and can’t wait to share it with you! More on that soon.

Thanks for supporting Vapor Talk since 2008 and allowing us to provide you Excellence in Vaping! (yea, yea we know it’s cliche’).

Christopher (Founder) & Roger (Managing Director)

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