The FDA updates Compliance Policies for Local Vape Shops

The FDA has made some policies changes that affect local brick and mortar stores. Previously, retail associates were unable to assist customers in just about any way shape or form due to PTMA guidelines. Naturally, when a customer comes in with a problem and the associate is unable to help, it creates a dangerous situation. (For example, if a customer comes in stating their mod is warm, obviously a battery issue may need addressed asap)

Previously, many vape retailers interpreted the regulations as being such that they could not perform services including changing coils, assembling a device and discussing how it functions, along with performing simple repairs and general troubleshooting.

The FDA has made some updates – Without qualifying a vape shop as a tobacco manufacturer, staff can explain how to use a store product, employees can clean and perform maintenance on a purchased product, they can replace coils with new and identical ones, and they can assemble a product for the customer from the components packaged with the device.

The FDA Is now also allows retail associates to assist customer in refilling their tanks so long as no modifications are made outside of what is recommended by the product’s manufacture.

For more details see following PDF document HERE

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