Age Verification

We have partnered up with, a provider of online/real-time Identity Verification and Knowledge Based Authentication Solutions to ensure all customers meet the legal smoking age of the state in which they reside. All orders are filtered through’s Verification Service.

Minimum age in all 50 states

21+ in California (STAKE Act) and Hawaii.
19+ in New Jersey, Utah, Alabama, and Alaska.
We verify buyers meet the minimum age in your state and their state.

Do I have to get verified every time I order?

No. Once you are verified you will be able to enter your DOB, name, and address to skip the extended verification process.

What information is required?

For most customers, we only require your date of birth, name, and address. If we cannot verify your age automatically, we will need a picture of your photo ID. Note that we are often able to get this information from the checkout form you filled out. In this case, you will only have to input your date of birth manually.

How long does verification take?

We can verify about US 90% of customers instantly using basic personal information.

If you cannot be verified automatically, you must submit a picture of your photo ID to be manually verified. This process is easy and takes place within our popup. Once submitted, it will take about a minute to verify you, depending on the number of requests in our queue. (We average 15 seconds!) You may cover other sensitive information, just make sure that we can clearly see your date of birth, name, address, and enough of the ID to verify that it is real.

How is my information secured?

Your privacy and security is extremely important to us. All information is sent over a secure connection using  The Vapor Talk Store is SSL secured and fully PCI DSS Compliant. Photo IDs are not stored, they are removed from memory as soon as you are verified. For more information please visit  Age

What about Adult Signature on Delivery?

Adult signature is required were applicable by law.