The History of Vapor Talk


Aug 16

Vapor Talk App Goes Live – Google Play Store

Vapor Talk releases its first app in the Google Play store. The Vapor Talk app allows forum members to visit the store, post on the forum, receive custom notifications and much more all from the convenience of their favorite Android Device.

Aug 01

Chris Returns as Program Director for Vapor Talk® North America

After working behind the scenes in 2016, Chris returns to a more public role as Program Manager for Vapor Talk® North America. With the success of Vapor Talk Black Label and PMTA on the horizon the founder continues with a fresh vision and outlook for Vapor Talk®..Read More

Jul 29

Vapor Talk Introduces The Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades launches in emerging markets via Vapor Talk® Beijing in September and in the US via Vapor Talk® (USA).  The Ace of Spades provides all day battery life, ease of use & Magnatech Charging – The Ace of Spades offers best in class performance.

Jul 28

Vapor Talk® Beijing & Qingdao Offices Open

Vapor Talk® prepares to expand into the emerging Chinese vaping market. With distribution partners in place we look forward to launching our new PCC e-cigarette kits aimed at new vapers, USA made Black Label eliquids with American 3rd party Certifications and the Vapor Talk Classic Line of..Read More

Jul 17

Vapor Talk Videos & Reviews To Return

The new Vapor Talk® intro video created as Chris prepares to relaunch the V|T Youtube Channel.

Jun 27

Vapor Talk® Black Label Launches

Our gourmet Black Label e-liquids are meticulously crafted with only the finest quality, U.S.-sourced ingredients. Each flavor is incredibly complex, comprised of as many as 30 raw flavors, each of which is tested to exclude dozens of chemicals that encompass the safety concerns of inhaling vapor...Read More

Jun 15

Vapor Talk Global Landing Page Goes Live

As Vapor Talk expands into markets outside of the United States the global landing page was created as a central hub for information and direction to Vapor Talk locations in customers respective countries. Vapor Talk now has offices in California, New Jersey, Beijing and Qingdao...Read More

May 01

Focusing on the Vapor Talk Brand

With multiple locations, online platforms and distribution partnerships rolling into the fold, the need for a recognizable brand image worldwide became paramount. For the first time brand guides are sent to all of our partners and enforced with strict guidelines on logo usage, banner implementation and..Read More

Apr 01

Vapor Talk® Multi Million Joint Venture in Asia

Vapor Talk is working to become a global leader in the electronic cigarette & vaping market. With focus on the emerging markets in Asia, Vapor Talk is placing greater focus on China as the next area for major growth. We are investing over 5 million dollars to..Read More

Mar 02

Chris Launches Vape Agenda

After becoming frustrated with the lack Vape Event information online and messy managing websites, Christopher launches Vape Agenda. Vape Agenda allows marketing companies and local vapers to post their events free of charge.

Jan 09

Vapor Talk Store 2016

The Vapor Talk store undergoes a facelift early 2016

Feb 10

BeKuali America – Vapor Talk Joint Operation

Vapor Talk helps launch BeKuali America as part of a joint operation between Prime Pharm and VT’s parent company The Whitney Group.

Jan 01

Vapor Talk Partners with BeKuali Asia

Becoming more interested the Chinese market, Vapor Talk forms a partnership with BeKuali (Prime Pharm) in Shanghai. This partnership allowed Vapor Talk to learn more about the emerging markets in Asia while assisting BeKuali in North American markets.

Nov 01

Vapor Talk Team Expands

As Vapor Talk launches its retail store, opens a larger warehouse for online orders and starts shipping Worldwide the team starts expanding.

May 23

Vapor Talk Launches First Multi Vendor Marketplace

For a brief period of time, Vapor Talk allowed 3rd party vendors to sell through our multi-vendor marketplace. 50 vendors signed into our program which ran until the end of 2013. The decision to close the marketplace was decided due to profitability factors and the..Read More

Apr 22

Vapor Talk Opens Its First Retail Store

Vapor Talk opens its first retail store in Highland Park, New Jersey.

Mar 14

The Forum, March 2013

A screenshot of the forum, March 2013. By now Vapor Talk has served Millions of pageviews worldwide.

Feb 23

Vapor Talk Store 2013

Screenshot of the Vapor Talk Store Feb, 2013

Feb 15

Vapor Talk Moves it’s Headquarters to New Jersey

In preparation for the new retail outlet, Vapor Talk moves its headquarters to the East Coast.

Jan 19

Roger Bring New Changes

Bringing decades of experience in international trade, B2B and business management. The Whitney Group takes control of Vapor Talk in January 2013.

Jan 16

Vapor Talk Support Portal Launches

With the help of Chrisorah Development, Vapor Talk moves from traditional email to a more advanced and streamlined support system.

Jan 08

Vapor Talk Undergoes Ownership Change

After years of constant growth the founder Christopher McCowen decides to hand over the torch to Roger Liu of The Whitney Group. Bringing with him decades of experience in international trade and business management, Christopher felt Roger would be able to take Vapor Talk to..Read More

Aug 01

Vapor Talk Continues to See Growth

By 2012 Vapor Talk is experiencing amazing growth. The Founder Christopher while overwhelmed, starts discussing the idea of partnership and the possibility of opening retail stores.

Jan 01

Vapor Talk Forum Celebrated over 5 Million Page Views

By 2012 Vapor Talk has served over 5 and a half million page views.

Dec 01

Early Tank Based System Start Arriving

Working with our vendors overseas, we start to see the early versions of Tank based systems. While these were mainly cartridge driven, it’s still interesting to note the progression from the older 3 piece units.

Oct 26

The Vapor Talk Inventory Expands

By mid 2011, Vapor Talk was offering a large assortment of starter kits, passthroughs, mods, atomizers, cartomizers and e liquids. The forum was quickly serving thousands of users per day and we moved over to multiple dedicated services to handle the influx of traffic to..Read More

Oct 08

Vapor Talk Sells One of the First E-Cigarette Tanks

Many vapers today take the Tank for granted. Prior to Tanks, vapers had to constantly drip into their atomizers or cartomizers and performance was abysmal at best. Early atomizers would leak all over the place making a huge mess. (They simply weren’t designed to be..Read More

Apr 10

Vapor Talk Introduces VG eliquids

From 2009-2011 the primarily indicator of a “good” eliquid was how much throat hit it provided. Overtime however, the amount of vapor started to take priority over throat hit. Additionally, it was discovered that some vapers had sensitivities to PG based e liquids. In April..Read More

Feb 16

Bulk Sales for Consumers

Atomizers died quickly and replacing them became expensive for our customers and forum members. Listening to feedback from our members, In February, 2011 Vapor Talk started offering Bulk Pricing on 50% of our hardware products. Some of our members later became vendors and used our bulk..Read More

Feb 09

Simple Packaging

In an effort to lower costs and provide more affordable starter kits to new users, Vapor Talk starts offering “No Box” kits. These simple bagged kits included a battery, atomizer, charger and some Vapor Talk liquid to get even the most budget conscious smoker switch..Read More

Nov 26

Vapor Talk Butterscotch

Vapor Talk Butterscotch is released

Jun 11

Vapor Talk Unflavored eLiquid

By mid 2010 a few hookah users on the forum became interested in mixing their own zero nicotine liquid. Vapor Talk started offering unflavored liquids to its forum members and customers. This was the beginning stages of DIY e-liquid and would later lead to major..Read More

Jun 05

Vapor Talk Cola

Vapor Talk Cola flavor was added for a limited time. It’s still available on request as one of our “secret” flavors.

May 01

Vapor Talk Liquid Line Expands

Vapor Talk Flavors: Dulcis, Midnight, Grape Soda, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Menta, Exotic Tobacco, Colada, Sweet Dawn, Choco Java

Mar 26

Joye 510 is Released

Vapor Talk becomes one of the first vendors to sell the generic Joye 510 after Joyetech stopped offering exclusivity to Janty. The 510 became so popular that even today, the 510 fitting is the de facto standardized fitting for almost all e-cigarettes on the market.

Jan 16

Happy Birthday Vapor Talk – 1 Million + Page Views

Vapor Talk celebrates its first full year with over 1 million page views served.

Nov 29

Vapor Talk Modding (Before it was cool)

The VP1 was released as the larger brother to The Spade. Offered in steel, The VP1 was available in both 801 and 510 connections. Vapor Talk helped create the VP1 with Vaprlife.

Nov 09

First 5 Volt Passthrough Released

Vapor Talk helps create the first ever 5 volt passthrough (US made). Released towards the end of 2009, this was one of the first uses of high volt modifications. With built in circuit protection, the passthrough could be used via the supplied wall adapter or through..Read More

Oct 30

The Spade eCigarette Mod Released

After much refinement, The Spade E-cigarette mod was released in conjunction with Vaprlife.

Aug 17

Vapor Talk Online Store Launches

After months of trial and error perfecting the Vapor Talk classic line, the Vapor Talk online store goes live. Vapor Talk “juice” sold out on the first week.

Aug 05

Early E-Cigarette Models

Some early e-cigarette models now on display at the Vapor Talk® Beijing office. (Vapor Talk has locations in California USA, New Jersey USA, Beijing China, Qingdao China and England)

Aug 04

Vapor Talk Helps Created One of the FIrst Mods

Vapor Talk starts work with Vaprlife to create one of the earliest e-cigarette mods. While it didn’t have a name at this state, it would later become “the spade.” This mod provided a more consistent vape with longer battery life than most devices available on the..Read More

Jul 14

Jun 04

Vapor Talk Store Launch Announced

As the demand for Vapor Talk liquids grew, the decision was made to open and attach and online store to the forum. The first announcement was made.

May 01

Vapor Talk “Juice” is created

Becoming frustrated with the lack of options available online (there was almost no retail stores at the time), Chris created the first set of Vapor Talk e Liquids. Quickly becoming popular on the forum and unable to keep up with demand, Diet Smokes of Texas becomes..Read More

Apr 22

Chris Starts Building The Vapor Talk Store

Quickly Realizing that Vapor Talk liquids were taking off, Chris got to work on building the first Vapor Talk online store.

Apr 14

The Forum Becomes IPB Powered

Sometime around April of 2009 the forum is converted from PHBB3 to Invision Power Board. This allowed for greater forum control and more member features.

Apr 10

E Smoke Talk becomes Vapor Talk

Sensing changes in the market, the founder changed the name of E Smoke Talk to Vapor Talk in mid-2009 suspecting that the term e-smoking would soon phase out. still forwards to Vapor Talk today.

Jan 29

Jan 16

E Smoke Talk Goes Live

Jan 16th, E Smoke Talk Goes Live. Here you can see the the black and purple color theme start to take shape. At this point we had roughly 25 members. Our ealirest members: Chris, Sean, Royce, Mike and Roola3. Roola3 was one of the first..Read More

Jan 09

Chris Posts His First Video Review

“This was not only my first e-cigarette review, it was the first time I’d ever uploaded a video online. Watching it now makes me cringe! *Laughs*”

Dec 28

E Smoke Talk BETA Launches

Using PHBB3, Chris launches the early version of E Smoke Talk. 5 members were active at the time and the forum was closed to the public.

Dec 22

E Smoke Talk is Founded

After coming up with a new name, Chris get’s to work on creating E Smoke Talk. Chris was 23 at the time.

Dec 15

Christopher Discovers the E-Cigarette

While cruising thru a local mall in California, Chris stumbles across a “Pen Style” 801 series e-cigarettes at a small shop in Temecula. At the time, little information about the e-cigarette was available, less than 40 results on Google! The idea for was born.