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VOOPOO Vinci X vs SMOK RPM80 Pro

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Since 2019, there are increasing mod pod vape kits in the market. Among those plenty of vape devices, VOOPOO Vinci X is absolutely famous and highly regarded one, it is an upgraded kit based on VOOPOO Vinci which is really one of the first mod pod kit in the market. At the same time SMOK released their mod pod kit too, SMOK RPM40, then started this hot trend of mod pod kit in the market. At the end of 2019, SMOK released the upgraded and fully improved products from RPM40, they are SMOK RPM80 and SMOK RPM80 Pro. For more details and differences of those 3 kits from SMOK you can refer to this review, Smok RPM80 VS RPM80 Pro VS RPM40 Review

Today at this review, we will see more details and differences of SMOK RPM80 PRO and VOOPOO Vinci X. Let’s take a closer look at those 2 upgraded mod pod kits .

Actually those 2 kits are look similar not only in size but also use the same Zinc alloy and PCTG construction material. And both have 0.96 inch TFT screen available. 

Then How you feel of those 2 kits? Which is the better option for yourself? Let us know in the comment below, we appreciate your thoughts!
For more information and better price of Voopoo Vinci X wholesale and SMOK RPM80 Pro wholesale, simply login at Elegomall to check. And for any inquires of vape wholesale, feel free to contact Elegomall.

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