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smok stick v9 not turning on


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15 hours ago, calvincal said:


I agree with "Tam", sometime it is possible that button stuck, so wash it with hot water & click it frequently. 

Check out more vape products  <removed spammy link>

Do NOT wash it with any kind of water, hot or cold. This is an electronic device and water doesn't mix well with electricity.

Do NOT spam the forum with links to other companies. This will get you banned, which we don't like to do but will if the behavior is repeated. Thank you for your cooperation.

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4 hours ago, Rixter said:

You mean I can't put my smart phone in the dishwasher? Bummer.

Sure, you can put it in the dishwasher, the washing machine, etc. just so long as you never want to use it again. Other than that, at least it'll be really clean!

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