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THC and CBD oil in your Vape.

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A few weeks back after researching for my next portable herb vape, I concluded that there's nothing out there for me personally, but a friend of mine had been raving on about how he mixes THC oil with the same process people use to make Vape Juice. Later that week I asked him about it and if he could mix me up some, he said If I provide the oil he'll do it for me. I arrived at his house with some Marley Green Oil that was rated at 63% THC, I felt like I was in a kitchen meth lab watching the whole process be done just to make some vape juice. He also added some flavouriing to conceal any possible smells. 

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It sounds very interesting, I would also like to see it. I usually buy it already made from https://www.dailymarijuana.co/shop/cannabis-concentrates/shatter/ and I think that all of us do so, but I would like to see how it can be made at home. I can't say that I like the taste of such vape oil, but I like more the effect that it has. I can't remember a better way to relax in the evening than smoking a little bit of THC oil. I don't smoke it constantly, but only from time to time when I am very stressed or need to fell asleep, but am too stressed to sleep. How many of you guys have tried to smoke CBD or THC oils?

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