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flavor ban


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From the CASAA newsletter a couple days ago... it looks like many states and a few cities are considering full-ban on ALL vaping products, not just flavors... all of these will be challenged in court, I hope:

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I did a flavor inventory yesterday, I have about 4,000 ml of flavoring. I use about 20% flavor in my DIY juices so I seem to have enough flavoring to make 20,000 ml of juice. Assuming I go through 10 ml of juice per day (I don't think I go through that much)  I have enough flavoring to last about 5 1/2 years.

The unintended consequences of a flavor ban would be some people might use grocery store flavoring to flavor their juice, grocery store flavoring is not meant for vaping, and could have ingredients that could be harmful if inhaled.

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7 hours ago, Squid said:

A judge in NY issued a stay on the ban of flavored juices while an appeal brought by local companies is heard. We still have our flavored juices for now.

Im amazed that happened

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23 hours ago, Bebop said:

one whole county in my area has now banned ALL vape products (for sale)

Reminds me of the fact that some southern states still have dry counties, I very much doubt it stops anybody from drinking.

The goofy Oregon governor imposed a temporary 6 month flavor ban in Oregon, it only took the Oregon court of appeals a few days to put a stay on the law. 

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Its ridiculous! Flavors have a lot of benefits, i adore nicotine but i cant stand tobacco flavor. How should i satisfy my needs? the only vape juice that i prefer to use is this amazing <removed spammy link> vape juice, hope they will not ban them too.

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