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Hi Folks, 

So I was browsing around the inventory room this weekend and we've got a number of devices/items/accessories laying around collecting dust. If you've got some simple contest ideas, I'd love to send off some of these items. 

I was thinking perhaps choose a number between x and y and then use an online generator? Thoughts/ideas/suggestions welcome :)


(By the way, this contest sub forum is generally not endorsed by staff but I figured, since it's new, may as well drum up some activity)

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I've done contests in the past which were "guess the amount", 

Had a huge box of coins once where you had to guess the total $ amount (pic below)

A bunch of different vape bottles and people had to guess the total number of ml's,

Something like that might make it a little skillful as opposed to just luck.  #JustSayin.


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I'm not sure to be honest, older models but not more than a year or two. Kits, coils, glass and eliquids. I'll try to stop by the office either this afternoon or some time tomorrow to start snapping pictures of what we've got. Then I'll list it up on the site. I'll probably create random "sets" of items to get it up and out :)

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