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Hello everyone. I’m new to this world. I’m using the 220w Alien with a baby beast atomizer. The batteries I’ve bought and most of the ones I’ve seen say 3.7 V. When I vape at the low end wattage (50w) for the .4 OHM coil my voltage is 4.619. If I drop it to 30w then I get a reading of 3.593 volts. I’m assuming the batteries say 3.7 to indicate the safe level. By using the suggested watts for the coil I’m going above that. But when looking for different batteries I noticed most are 3.7. Leading me to think that this is okay. But I don’t want to use it dangerously. Help.

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Watch this guy's videos.  He is the guru of vape batteries..   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePHh3NMvu3rW2LFJeOWo-Q

There is a lot going on inside of regulated mods.  Battery Mooch explains it pretty well.  This is not to put you off from asking questions here but the videos will give you a jump start on understanding the whole thing.  

Oh, and Welcome!  By the way....

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34 minutes ago, CoryTheNube said:

The link won’t load. Something with the URL. What’s his name ?

Oh battery mooch. I’ll look him up that way. Thank you.

Weird, Google Battery Mooch youtube.  The guy is really sharp.  Obviously sharper than me trying to post a link.  

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I just want to add for edumacational purposes, youh understand...

Volts vs Watts


you're looking at two sides of the same equation.

Watts = Amps x Volts

So when you change "watts" on your device, you are really adjusting the voltage.  As your "watts" reduce your voltage drops with it.   If I were to draw a piss poor analogy,  think of it like the equation 2 + 2 = 4.     If I change the 4 to 3,   I automatically have to reduce the 2 to 1. (1 +  2 = 3) the 2 sides of the equation are "tied" together.

so when you change your wattage and see your voltage changing that is what you are seeing; the two sides of the equation "balancing".

What we are concerned with is exceeding the amp rating of our battery.   Amps are calculated by watts ÷ volts.   ex:  60watts ÷ 3.7 volts = 16.2 amps.    Your battery has to be rated for more than that amount or it goes *boom*

This is why your battery "shuts down" at 3.2 volts minimum because you can see that if your volts dropped to 2 volts,  at 60 watts you would be drawing 30 amps!   yeah,  *boom*

A regulated mod is designed to keep the voltage constant as the battery discharges.  That keeps you safe and happy. 

This is just a simple, practical explanation and is in no way intended to inform, insult, offend, challenge or disrespect any real electrical engineer.  No real engineers were harmed in this explanation.

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