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I have a suspicion


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Schools do test for Nicotine, but not always.  If your son is an athlete, then, YES, they will test for Nicotine.  If they do a urine test, it is not always conclusive or accurate results for Nicotine, but if they do a hair or blood test, it will be more accurate, and hair tests can show Nicotine (or drug use) from many months ago.

Our school does not require annual drug screening of students (state law forbids it), but if you are a student-athlete, your parents must sign consent for random testing.  Thanks to our "betters" in Legislature, Nicotine is considered as bad as Heroine, so they do test for it (as well as steroids and a host of other drugs), and will suspend/expel any student who tests positive (unless of course they are the star quarterback and/or child of a school admin... grrrr).  The only way to get them back into school is to PAY for independent lab test to disprove the school's test... TWICE over the course of 2-weeks.  Even if you prove your child is not using any drugs or performance enhancers, they're branded with the label, still not allowed to participate in sports, and their record will still show the suspension/expulsion... without any apology... 

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You could educate the school board about the facts on nicotine. That trick will never work.
Vape 0 nic juice. Testing for nic to stay on the team is a bit much.
Good luck. I would give talking to the school board with a doctor or other professional person stating the facts.

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