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hey guys new here just a short intro, new to vaping and loving it thus far, have a **** tonne of questions so if your all ears id love to drop a few..... would love to hear from someone who has been around a while and is in the know.... i picked myself up the Smok Alien 220w TC and have the TFV8 cloudbeast uptop..... looking to get into coil building ASAP......any Advice would be AMAZING........cheers vapers......

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The first piece of advice I'd give anyone who is getting into coil building would be to make sure you have a working knowledge of Ohm's Law. The second would be to get yourself a dedicated ohm meter and not to trust what the mod tells you. Although mods have gotten much more accurate in recent years, they're still not as accurate as a good ohm meter can be.

Ask lots of questions, our members have lots of good answers.

Welcome to Vapor Talk.  :)

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