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An opinion on the U.S. Surgeon General's recent report

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I originally saw the link to this article in one of the groups I follow on Facebook.  Given the source, (the Washington Post), I never would have found it myself.  After all, I don't think it's a big secret which way I lean politically.  In spite of it appearing in what is generally accepted as one of the more liberal news publications in the United States, it was a pretty good article.

Some quick background for those outside the United States or those living under a rock.  The U.S. Surgeon General recently released an almost 300 page report on e-cig use among teens in the United States.  The report has been met with support of the anti-tobacco groups and, not surprisingly, harsh backlash among not only the vaping community, but public health researchers.  Ultimately, the report is nothing by almost 300 pages of misinformation and propaganda.

In any event, there have been several articles lashing out at the report in recent days.  Surprisingly, many of them have come from the more liberal news sources.  This one I'm providing the link to is one of the better opinions I've read.  

Washington Post Article

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By far, this is the best, most powerful paragraph in the article... and what many of us (including myself) have been saying since they first began talking about "vaping regulations"....

  • "The potential harm of misguided e-cigarette regulation is magnified by the fact that powerful special interests seek to manipulate such regulation for their benefit. As my co-authors and I discuss in this new article from the Yale Journal on Regulation, current e-cigarette regulation is a product of a “Baptist & Bootlegger” coalition of well-intentioned health activists and tobacco companies. E-cigarette policy is also shaped by pharmaceutical companies, which see vaping products as a source of competition for their (largely ineffective) tobacco cessation products. I discuss these dynamics further here. "
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