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California Vapers Alliance Inc

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It has been a while since I have been active on this site. During my absence, I have formed a corporation with my brother and a select few close friends. The name of our corporation; California Vapers Alliance. While managing a storefront, and also running a juice company,  we have seen such animosity between owners of various shops as well as rival juice manufacturers. This has to be squashed. To summarize our vision. . . . . 

"California Vapers Alliance, founded 2016.     Our mission is simple; to unite every vaper, and reach all corners of the industry. Advocacy is our primary focal point. A few voices are not enough to be heard by our opposition though. If every vaper stands beside one another, our voice will thunder and move mountains." 

    "By holding events, we can join all the corners of this industry to promote advocacy, and donate to our cause. We must rise up together, and proclaim to our opposition; We are the people of vape, we are the movement of vape. Allies over enemies. Support the cause. World Vapers Unite 🌎😤👊"

We have made connections with many major players, as well as influences, advocates, etc, in the industry. We have an extremely strong backing, and our ultimate goal is too make a gigantic impact, and unite all vapers. We can all rise to the occasion, and protect our right to vape.

Like us on FB. Follow on IG. Most importantly, stand beside us. #worldvapersunite 🌎😤👊

CVA V5 Blk bkgd 2.jpg

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Sorry I haven't checked in for a bit. Things have been hectic and extremely busy.

Our first event will kick off on June 6. As you know, consumer conventions will be a thing of the past very soon. With the no more samples rule in effect, liquid manufacturers  will have a tough time getting their products in the hands of the masses for testing. We will be focusing on B2B events, with advocacy being a huge focus. These events will need to be "invite-only".

We are flying out some key speakers in vape advocacy. Our movement has never been stronger, and grows more so each day. The laws and regulations that are soon to be set have brought more and more Vapers, manufactures, shop owners, distributors, and all corners of the industry closer together.

Our Alliance is strong.  Support eachother. 

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