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How Long Were You A Smoker Before Vaping

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Yeah, it seems I gave b-i-t-c-h a whole new and improved definition when I was without smokes.

For me it was about 7 yrs of cigs. I went through some pretty bad family issues and I felt at the time it was either that or drinking, and I haven't ever drank! Lol. It was in fact 7 yrs of shame be

When I quit cold-turkey all those years ago, my wife told me "I hate your nasty habit, but if you don't start smoking again, one of us is moving out!" The next day she came home with a carton of my f

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I started when I was 14 so 48 years, the last year or two I was smoking about 2 packs a day!

I quit smoking in October of last year and started vaping, haven't looked back since.

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I've got to be the dumbest person on the planet.  I didn't start until I was 24.  I went to a bar with my brother in law after smoking something else and started to get paranoid.  My brother in law told me smoking a stinky would bring me down.  That was all it took.  I was hooked.  Forty years later I found vaping.  Tried everything to quite over those forty years from mundane to insane.  Crazy.

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