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36 minutes ago, Foofightervapegirl1 said:

Oh I have been loving my tootle puffers at 50/50 lately Too! Namely my nautilus mini with a triton mini coil in it!

Two excellent choices!!

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I'm impressed with this one.  Very comfortable in the hand.  Comparable to the G Class in size.  Sweet rocker style fire button.  Sleek understated aesthetic.  TC that rivals Yihi and DNA.  350 puffs at~ 2.5sec, 400°F, .5Ω build.  



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Isn't this the cutest little thing you ever seen.
Boreas V2 RTA
It's a dual coil, the deck is a little strange to build on. It's not hard to build on, just strange. You unscrew the bottom of the tank and the deck pulls out from the bottom similar to a drop in coil.
I ordered it for a Squid Industries Double Barrel that was supposed to arrive today but didn't.
This is with the 2.5ml glass, it comes with an extension tube and a 5.0ml glass installed.
Sitting on a SMOK Alien for size comparison.0afb496fac88234fb8a1dd9b1687a8ed.jpg&key=ac150f59afcc6ffd3eaceb7a2fc983c48058299436c76be01ef888a9a94ed5e8


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11 minutes ago, gadget said:


Is that the mini?

Nope, the standard first version of the Revenger.  Two 18650 series mod.  I think Vaporesso is really upping their game.  

@gadget  That is one of the cutest little atties I have ever seen.  Love short atties like that.  

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Got this in earlier this week, been dying to try it. Mad Murdoch's Radiator Pluid! Yes it is that green, it wasn't too bad. Just very and i mean very heavy black licorice flavor, makes me feel like i am drinking Jägermeister......no bueno.1d6c4aa953ac40cf4ba4a8e19a649552.jpg1f5549b07db202ce09585b098075adb7.jpg

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3 hours ago, shen_long86 said:

Very nice milliohm reader walt

Thanks!  I want to get a scope as well before end of they year but honestly, I've been out of the industry too long to know what to shop for.  

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