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  1. When we were the first time to receive an inquiry to launch the Delta-10-THC vape cartridge, we were shocked by this new compound and its effects and we had no idea about it. Even during the distillation process, the catalyst is also a secret for many processors. Fewer processors hold specific knowledge and skills to extract Delta-10-THC. Since we already successfully provided our vaping devices to a Delta-10-THC customer, we decide to share our experience with our peers and industry participators from the cannabis vaporizer side. What is Delta-10-THC? As we know, Delta-10-THC
  2. More details,please refer to https://www.ciliconplus.com/cannabis-vaping-problems-and-solutions.aspx
  3. Leaked cartridge? Airflow Clogging? Burned tasted flavor? ---The discussion and solution for common vaping device malfunction. Original image from Cilicon The reality of current vaping devices There are many vaping device manufacturers hype their products are leading the industry. All of their products are well tested in professional labs with specifical certifications. Let’s to be realistic, most of vaping devices are still in developing. In industrial design, there is no one can claim the throne forever because there is no perfect product with the “best” technology.
  4. Here we recommend Cilicon Solo, Your simple and slim Delta 8 THC disposable cannabis vaporizer, with special Microfeel Technology® and Extraordinary Ceramic Heating Technology, offers the perfect vaping experience. More Cilicon solo pictures and specifications. Original picture from Cilicon Cilicon is a globally trusted cannabis vape brand and technology platform. In Cilicon, innovative cannabis vaporizer solutions make cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. By entering the next generation cannabis vaping, our cre vape technologies drive our future and continue to cont
  5. What is different about Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge? In vaping sector, people who vape Delta-8-THC are more likely more rational than Delta-9-THC users. There is no which one is a better option. It depends on consumer preference for two kinds of THC. Importantly, Delta-8-THC extract has a slightly different requirement about vape cartridge. Before we explain the difference, it is worthy to know the behavior of Delta-8-THC in vaping activity. There are some characteristics about Delta 8 THC extract, which requires different vape cartridge from Delta 9 THC extract: Del
  6. Cilicon is a globally trusted vape brand and supplier. Cilicon Innovative Cannabis Vaporizer Solutions to make cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. Cilicon is entering the next generation cannabis vaping, where our core vape technology drives our future. As an open cannabis vaporizer platform to all Industry participators, we maintain the spirit of Innovation and perfection to delight our partners with multiple vape solutions and give you the competitive edge In competition. Except for the Cilicon cartridge, we also have other cilicon series products, such as Cilicon Solo,
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