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  1. It sounds very interesting, I would also like to see it. I usually buy it already made from https://www.dailymarijuana.co/shop/cannabis-concentrates/shatter/ and I think that all of us do so, but I would like to see how it can be made at home. I can't say that I like the taste of such vape oil, but I like more the effect that it has. I can't remember a better way to relax in the evening than smoking a little bit of THC oil. I don't smoke it constantly, but only from time to time when I am very stressed or need to fell asleep, but am too stressed to sleep. How many of you guys have tried to smo
  2. You can use any pod to smoke CBD oils, there isn't a concrete model which is better to use. Juul is a good example, but I don't like that his pod is small and you have to refuel it every hour. I have used eleven pods to smoke CBD oils but I soon stopped because I noticed that it's too addictive and I could spend a day without smoking a little bit of it. At last, I simply threw it because I didn't want someone to smoke it. Now I am smoking kratom, it's not a drug so I am not afraid to get addicted, but even so, I must take care of how much of it I use per day because it can affect negatively on
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