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  1. California senator Jerry Hill is the main author for the Senate Bill No. 793 which adds onto the existing (STAKE) Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement Act. This law, "...prohibits a person from selling or otherwise furnishing tobacco products, as defined, to a person 21 years of age. No one wants the youth to start vaping, it is a cure for the currently nicotine addicted populous to ditch traditional combustible cigarettes. So originally, the STAKE act was a good thing because it made bad people selling adult products to young people a crime. Jerry Hill among about 20 co-authors decided the STAKE act wasn't good enough, and the only way to stop youth from getting access (illegally) to e-cigarettes was to ban them almost entirely. SB 793 would prohibit a tobacco retail store fronts, from selling or possessing with intent to sell, any flavored or flavor enhancing tobacco products. Something interesting to note is when Jerry Hill published a news release on August 4th, the title of the article associated the ban as a win towards fixing the COVID-19 pandemic. The title is, "Landmark Legislation to Protect Public Health Amid COVID-19 Resurgence Passes Asm. Health Committee". The question of e-cigarettes being linked with elevated symptoms of COVID has been debunked numerous times, but still our congressmen and congresswomen feel inclined that studies are wrong. Read More Here: SB 793 Passes CA Assembly Health Committee
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