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    spydre reacted to Tam in What tanks do you suggest for me   
    Okay, the VT store is now showing the Triton 2 for $29.99 each. Order away!   
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    spydre reacted to Viper Ron in Juice That Is Most Like Marlboro Smooth?   
    This is the hard part....the juice. Once you find what you like your good to go
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    spydre reacted to BirdDog in Juice That Is Most Like Marlboro Smooth?   
    Most tobacco flavors I have tried either tasted horrible or had a real nutty flavor. It wasn't enough to keep me interested. I have found some of the cigar or pipe flavors to be pleasing. They reminded me of that smell from family members that used to smoke cigars and pipes. You just need to experiment with all types of flavors and find the ones that will work for you.
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    spydre reacted to DAYVAPE in Juice That Is Most Like Marlboro Smooth?   
    Nothing will taste like a real analog did... and that is because we are not burning paper and all the other crap that is in a real cigarette. So, you will only be able to try the different 'tobacco flavored' juices if that's what you think you want, and see what you think of them... and just go from there. If you find you don't like the 'tobacco flavored' juices... then there are plenty of other things to choose from. For myself, the last thing I want a juice to taste like is that of a nasty/burning cigarette, which is why I typically vape fruit w/menthol type juices. You just have to try a lot of different things to see what your taste buds are going to like. That's part of the enjoyment of vaping anyway... trying all the different flavors that are available!
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    spydre reacted to Tam in What tanks do you suggest for me   
    I'm a big fan of the Aspire Triton 2 with 1.8 ohm coils. I can up the wattage without getting hot vapor (which I really don't like), and it gives me lots of vapor and flavor. They have a little learning curve, but I now have ten sitting around with three in rotation.  😅
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    spydre reacted to cany in Is there such a mod?   
    Me too lol
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    spydre reacted to Edna in Is there such a mod?   
    From the VT Store ipower white
    eleaf iPower 80W 5000mAh Temperature Control Mod

    The Eleaf iPower is powered by a long lasting 5000mAh built-in battery which is designed to last all day. The Eleaf iPower features a sleek and smooth finish which is both comfortable to hold and aesthetically pleasing. The maximum output of this device can be reached up to 80 watts. The Variable Temperature Control system offers support for Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel 316 (SS316) coils. The Eleaf iPower also features Bypass, Smart and Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) modes. The Eleaf iPower features a dual circuit protection which applies over-charging, over-current, and over-discharging protections. This device may be charged and also download future firmware updates via the Micro USB Port.
    Features and Specs:
    Dimensions: 3-1/4″ x 1-7/8″ x 7/8″ Battery Capacity: Built-in 5000mAh Battery Wattage Output: 1.0 – 80.00w Variable Temperature Control : Nickel / Titanium / Stainless Steel 316/ TCR Temperature Control Range: 100 – 315C / 200 – 600F Bypass (Direct Output Voltage) and Smart Mode Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for Variable Temperature Control Mode Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm for Variable Wattage and Bypass Mode OLED Display Screen Bottom Ventilation Holes Micro USB Charging Port Upgradeable Firmware Reset Button Dual Circuit Protection Over-charging Protection Over-current Protection Over-discharging Protection
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    spydre got a reaction from Edna in Is it compulsory to stop vaping before undergoing any surgery?   
    As far as I know, no.  I've only had one "invasive" surgery since I started vaping, and when I was asked, was told I could vape up until I got to the hospital.  But some docs have different preferences.  I know a friend of mine had a doc tell her not to smoke for x hours before any surgery (like, the time she had to be without food), and that was in a period where I was having a lot of surgeries, and I was never told not to smoke - not even before my sinus surgery.
    PS:  Congrats on the weight loss!  You deserve a reward!
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Uwell crown 2 review   
    Well,mine arrived today,lightning fast from the vaportalk store.I have to brag on them,top notch service,great prices and good secure packaging.i put in the .25 ohm coil it came with,i was a bad girl and didn't soak it.ran it up to 80 watts and burnt it out!I am now using the .5 coil it came with.loving it!cranked it up to 60 gradually,then lowered it to 42.5  with partial airflow,after further tinkering I am now at 35.2 full airflow.this is the best tank/coil combination I have ever used.top notch flavor,it's very sturdy!haven't taken it for a spin in tc mode yet,but I will when I break out my mocha juice.one thing to remember....close your airflow all the way when not in use, to prevent leaking!the vapor production is also top notch to any other tank I have used.Will definently be picking up a few more!
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Crown 2, leaking, first impressions and a question   
    I am vaping on the .5 I had a suspicion about the leakage,and it proved right.you have to keep the airflow fully closed when not in use.plus because of the airholes in the bottom of the coil,it floods.I took mine out and found a decent amount of juice.a q tip will do the job nicely.I would reccomend cleaning it everytime you clean or fill your tank.yes it is a pain in the butt.but mine started dripping a bit,so I investagated.it says in the user manual to keep the airflow closed when not in use to prevent leaking.the other I just suspected.I haven't had a problem since,and I vape about every hour,I have been up since 5 ,so that's five hours of no leak.hope this helped,and happy vaping!
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    spydre got a reaction from Foofightervapegirl in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    My husband had a delrin drip tip that he gave me.  We were supposed to go out this weekend to look at more, but didn't have time, and this one suits me just fine - it's narrower, and longer than the other delrin drip tip I have, so it feels more natural, and it's easier for me to keep the inside of my upper lip off it without tipping it to an angle that would cause the tank to leak, lol.
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    Now about that burnt lip,if you are in love with the drip tip other than it being metal,I would check out the vaportalk store for a replacement Delrin tip that is similar.all my tips from my nebox,and toptank mini fit,I just preferred the one it came with,but I have not had had my lip burnt!I think as long as the tip fits a 510 threaded tank,you will be okay.if you have a local vape shop,I think mine sells them for 2.50 and has a wide selection.now I must correct myself,lol the coils I bought here WERE stainless.happy vaping!
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    spydre reacted to emergy20 in Crown 2, leaking, first impressions and a question   
    Mine leaks too and I have no clue why. :/ don't know about the coils I vape on .25.

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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    Well I tried 20 watts and got absolutely no flavor.it took cranking it up to 42.5 and partially closing the airflow to please me. Will keep experimenting, may be running the stainless coil in tc mode at lower wattage will help,but hey,I'm always down for an adventure! Thank you for all the help,you wise,wise people!
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    I am running it on the rx200,will for sure take that advice,and thanks! I don't generally vape below 20....ever but won't push it beyond  40 for sure now!
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    spydre got a reaction from Christopher in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    Air flow is going to make a BIG difference in the amount of watts you can pull through a tank with higher power applied.  My ProTanks I couldn't put that much power through anymore - I'm talking down to 6 watts - but the Kanger ramped it up.  Even my Aero tank I couldn't really pull the power up - still not enough air flow.
    With my Crown 2, right now, today that is, I'm running it at 35 watts.  That's what I can deal with today.  Tomorrow I may want more, or less.  But today it's not burning my lips off and the taste is still good.  I keep my airflow running wide open - both on this and on my Nautilus.
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in Unwell crown 2 question-help!   
    If it's coil based they do "max" out at a certain point but what exactly is dependant on the device/coil/other aspects. What wattage are you running them out? So for example let's take my setup at the moment. I'm using an iStick 40w with a Nautilus Tank and 1.8 ohm coils. There are a couple of things I have to do to keep my coils long lasting (in my experience) 
    The Nautilus coils have some large holes at the bottom. Though I may still have say 1ml of eliquid left in my tank, I need to fill it at this point because otherwise the coil can't pull in enough liquid. This causes it to run dry. And while it might not "burn out" it will taste horrible. Basically the coil becomes useless. This is the same for any tank, keep it filled as often as possible. Running low on e liquid is never a good thing. I'm not sure off hand with the crown coils/tank but each tank has a similar happy level. 
      Wattage - I run my device around 9 watts in the morning and 10 +- in the evening. I could crank it up to 40watts but the coils would completely die on me. Basically, at least for me, I noticed these coils don't run well above 11 watts max. It starts tasting burnt so I know that's the limit. Your coils will have a similar limit, start low and move up slowly until you find the max wattage they can handle (There is probably a mathematical equation for this but, cranking up slowly works the same) If you're running them above spec they're going to die out. But, if you find that sweet spot (for me again it's around 10 watts) a single coil will normally last me a solid week. I can easily go longer (2 weeks no problem) but I find the coil just doesn't perform as well and gets a bit "stiff" over time. It's not that I have to toss it, I just prefer to change them out every 7-10 days +-.   
    Edit: oh by the way, 0.5 ohms should be run around 20-40 tops. (Again find that sweet spot for your particular coil) 
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    spydre got a reaction from smacksy in What are you paying for your favorite juice?   
    @cany, ah, so you won't be so affected by all of this crap.  PG and VG are used for other things, so they aren't being taken off the market.  You'll just sort of ride the wave.
    @smacksy, I wish that's what Better Vapes decided to do.  Maybe they felt they were pushing the line enough by charging $1.00 for unlimited taste testing, but I don't see how charging $1 for what used to be free would be a problem, like the shop you mentioned there.  
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    spydre reacted to cany in What are you paying for your favorite juice?   
    Dont think thats ever gonna happen I dont need NIC  in my mix so everything should still be available And Im building a nice stock pile now   Few gallons of VG and some flavors Im good for a while
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in @christopher   
    Shipping is free sitewide on all orders  Details in the footer of the store 
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    spydre reacted to cany in What are you paying for your favorite juice?   
    it really doesent take up a lot of time /space  just sayin
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    spydre reacted to cany in What are you paying for your favorite juice?   
    50 ML a month Lucky you I can do that in a day or two
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    spydre got a reaction from jasonculp in Suggestions on a new, possible temp controlled mod and new tanks   
    It came today!!!  I'm so happy.  I love it.  I'm in love with it.  Except, probably not going to use the iSub, maybe.  Not sure yet.  My SO thinks no, but if I want to vape more than one juice, that's the only other TC I have - I borrowed my husband's Herakles + for a while when I was using his IPV, but the coil is burned and he's out of coils.  Only drawback is with the Crown 2, if I tip the mod quite a bit from vertical, or lay it down on it's side for any length of time, juice does leak out the air flow area.  I'm hoping if I close off the airflow when I have to put it in my purse, if it gets horizontal, that will take care of it.  I think my SO likes it, too, BTW.  The size of it.
    BUT MY JUICE TASTES SO GOOD NOW!!!!!  It hasn't tasted this good in a long time.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Suggestions on a new, possible temp controlled mod and new tanks   
    Most places that have the coils as singles... they come to you in 5-packs when you order the right amount. If you order 15 of them, you'll get three 5-packs of coils. Which coil do you want specifically? I can't tell from your post what you use other than you want iSub coils in TC. What resistance level and what material are you looking for? @Christopher can probably get you the coil at a good price if you tell him what you want.
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in Suggestions on a new, possible temp controlled mod and new tanks   
    Yup that's correct. After cost of goods we basically divided the price by 5 or 3 depending on the type of coil. We used to sell them in 5 packs but it's becoming really popular to sell in singles. (This is partly for economic reasons but mostly because people want to try different ohms or coil types before buying in sets of 5) With that said, the boxes still arrive in 5 packs, we just peel off the correct quantity. If you purchased them in sets of 5, they all arrive in a box
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