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    spydre reacted to Adversarious1 in Don't You Hate it When....   
    And back ups for backups.
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    spydre reacted to Bebop in Don't You Hate it When....   
    ....  You load up a fresh coil, grab your stuff and head out the door while you let that fresh coil soak up your favorite juice...
    ...and then you take a hit off that thing expecting all that yummy goodness...
    ....and you discover that coil is a dud or a burner! 
    Aren't you glad you have back ups???

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    spydre reacted to Tam in Don't You Hate it When....   
    Or when you load up a fresh coil, grab your stuff and head out the door while you let that fresh coil soak up your favorite juice...
    ... and then you take a hit off the thing only to get a burnt, dry hit because you forgot to open the juice port to allow the juice to flow to the coil...   
    That's when you're ever so grateful to have back ups.   
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    spydre got a reaction from Edna in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Okay, yeah, backwash is what we called it, too.  So do you just do a search for drip tips?  I hate navigating Fast Tech's website, you always get a million hits for searches.
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    spydre reacted to Edna in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    @spydre  No, I believe you can only get them from Fasttech at least that's the only place I've ever seen them and yes, spit-back is when juice comes out of the drip tip. The stuff with soda is backwash at least that's what we always called it
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    spydre got a reaction from Foofightervapegirl in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    It's not exactly VAPE mail, but with three output ports, this will be helpful for my mod and my cell phone, I just got a 10,000 mah external battery charger (the thing is a monster).  So if I take enough cords with me when I go to my mom's when my SO and son are working on the brush pile over there, I don't have to worry about running out of power for my mod, my phone, or my tablet, lol.  It ouputs 1000 mah from each ouput port, but the thing is MONSTROUSLY large.  Sort of like a brick.  The goal was one for my phone, but my SO went overboard on Amazon.  Maybe he wanted to donate that much more money to the National MS Association through Amazon Smile, lol.
    Speaking of which, @Christopher, it would mean the world to me if you would carry the .25 ohm Uwell Crown 2 coils - right now you only carry the .5.  I've experienced better flavor, and the reviews I've read, with the .25 coils than with the .5 coils.  When you get them, you get one of each, and I liked the .25's so much that my next order for coils was .25.  Plus, the good flavor lasts longer with the .25's, rather than the steep drop off you get with the .5's, obviously from another site where I paid more for them.  And I can't remember if you were out of Herekles + SS or if you don't carry them.  Okay, that's my request for the day
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    spydre reacted to smacksy in Age verification   
    My last order a few days ago was with Eciggity.
    They use a third party called Veratad that used the last 4 of my SS#..much better than sending a copy of my DL and selfie...it was instant verifation, and good for all future orders...I like vendors who make it fast and simple ...don't like jumping thru hoops just because I need to vape, lol
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    spydre reacted to Edna in How do you feel about minors vaping?   
    When I started smoking at 13, I could walk into a small local store and say my mom sent me to get her cigarettes or get them in a machine with no questions asked. It was that way until I turned 18+. When my kids started I couldn't stop them they got them from someone. Now I'm trying to get them to switch to vaping since one has kids of his own. I'm not happy about it but I'd rather that they vape than expose themselves to the 4K plus chemicals there are in analogs.
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    You got it Will bring them in on the next order. 
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    spydre reacted to FXRich in How do you feel about minors vaping?   
    His friend can still get him stuff, just not at the store. Personally I don't like the idea of minors vaping, but I would rather see them vape than smoke.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in How do you feel about minors vaping?   
    If a minor wants to smoke or vape, there's nothing anyone can say about it. They'll find a way to do it anyway, I know I did when I started smoking at a very young age. That said, I wish they wouldn't do either one, but if they do, then I would prefer they vape.
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    spydre reacted to Earthling789 in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Received my two boxes of Nautilus BVC 1.6 Ohm coils from the V|T store!  Ordered on Friday, received on Monday (free standard shipping), and they were the cheapest price I've found anywhere in the US
    Now that the V|T Store has more stuff, and better prices... Chris should expect more regular orders from me in the future...
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    spydre reacted to Patricia in What tanks do you suggest for me   
    Thank you. From what I understand the Sub ohm is causing the heat that is burning my lips so your post is very helpful. And if everyone is saying that the starre pure is one of the best flavor tanks of 2016 I've definitely got to give that one a try because that is what is more important to me, flavor. I like clouds but without flavor I might as well be vaping air. Thanks again.
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    spydre got a reaction from Patricia in What tanks do you suggest for me   
    Patricia, personally, I've never had the problem with burnt lips with a SINGLE coil unless I was sub ohm, so I would stick to above 1 resistance, kanthal (nickel can't be used in wattage mode anyway, I don't know about nichrome - which is part nickel - or ceramic, and Clapton is usually sub ohm as well, from what I've seen?
    Now, with dual coils I have gotten the burnt lips much earlier.  That's the thing about the Nautilus tank that I liked, it was bottom vertical coils rather than being dual coil.  For me, it was all the power, none of the problems.
    Good luck.
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    spydre reacted to Jeffb in Wide bore vs wide mouth drip tips   
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    spydre got a reaction from Edna in Coils   
    You can also set Stainless steel on wattage mode, if you prefer to use wattage.  Right now, that's what I'm doing - but a second juice that I vape I may end up vaping in TC mode.  Thank goodness I have a mod that I can use SS in.  Just remember, if you have a Nickle or Titanium coil, you can't use them in wattage mode.  That's why stainless steel is so handy.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Recommendations for Gma (and me!)   
    You'll probably get more recommendations than you'll know what to do with, it all depends on what works best for you.   
    The Eleaf iPower 80W TC mod can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. It has a built in 5000 mAh battery so I only have to charge it once every 4 - 6 days depending on how heavily I'm vaping.
    The Vapor Talk store has them for $36 each and no shipping costs. If it were my grandmother, I'd set it at wattage mode, get the watts set up for the tank, coil resistance and juice she'll be using and then set the lock on it so it won't change the settings. After that, you only have the power button and the five clicks on/off function working.
    I love the iPower and use it a lot. My main go to mod before this was the Eleaf iStick 50W (4400 mAh), but some people have had issues with this one so it's not as trouble-free as the iPower. I still love my Vision Spinner 1600 mAh for on the go, it's a good workhorse!
    As for tanks... I'll let everyone else chime in.   
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    spydre reacted to Patricia in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    Yes, now I understand. Thanks for you patience and information.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    No, you haven't made me angry. I just said that I answered the question in a different post just in case I might leave out some of the information I wrote on this post. That way, if you refer to both posts, you might get more information. Does that make sense? Sorry if it came out snippy, that wasn't my intent.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    An RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer. These tanks are for advanced users who build their own coils, also called RTA for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.
    I've already given an answer on a different thread when you asked this question. If you vape mouth to lung instead of direct to lung, you'll want a tank that better works with your vaping style. I'm vaping on an Aspire Triton 2 with 1.8 ohm coils and they work extremely well for me because I go mouth to lung (draw the vapor into my mouth first and then inhale).
    Other members have given you very good recommendations as well with the Subtank (if you want to go sub ohm). Sub-ohm means that the resistance of your coil goes below 1.0 ohm like a 0.5 ohm or 0.2 ohm. The lower the number to the right of the decimal point, the hotter the vape. More often you'll want to increase the power being used from your mod so your charge won't last as long.
    For example, I vape with a 1.8 ohm coil. My preference is flavor, but I also want to see a satisfying amount of vapor but don't like hot or even warm vapor when I vape. My iStick 80W TC (Temperature Control) is set to work in wattage mode and is set at around 9.7W when the coil is new. As you know, when a coil gets older, the resistance increases so I also increase the wattage, but I only go up to around 10.2W
    With a sub-ohm coil, let's use a .02 ohm coil as an example, I've heard some members say they use this coil and have it up to 30W, 40W, 50W or more when in wattage mode. That will use up the charge in your battery faster than my 9.7W.
    There's nothing wrong with a Protank or Aerotank, I still use these sometimes. You'll need to buy one tank, try it out to see if you like if. If you don't, buy a different tank and try again until you find something that works the way you want, then buy lots for back ups.   
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    spydre reacted to Adversarious1 in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    It actually depends on the tip because in many instances, the term "wide bore" is a bit misleading.  Many of the wide bore tips are simply just 510 tips with a wider mouth end and the end that connects to the tank or RDA doesn't have a bore any wider than a normal tip.  The wide bore doesn't go all the way through the tip and my experience has been that they really don't vape any differently than a smaller diameter 510 tip.  With the 510 wide bore tips, the tightness of your draw may be a little looser because some of them do actually bore out the 510 portion of the tip so they are a little wider, but it is still going to be restricted because the inside diameter of the tip where it connects to the tank or RDA is roughly the same as a smaller tip. With those, it basically boils down to comfort level of the individual using the tip, sort of like the difference between smoking a cigarette and a cigar.  
    Other wide bore tips are specifically designed for the RDA or the tank they go on, though, and the inside diameter is consistent from top to bottom.  For instance, the tips on Twisted Messes RDA  are almost 12mm inside diameter for the delrin tip and almost 14mm for the metal one.  That's all the way through.  That creates huge airflow and is really meant for cloud chasing and flavor is sometimes sacrificed with them.
    It's just another one of those preference things.  I think I'm unique in that I really don't have a preference.  It depends on my mood as to how I am going to vape at any given time.  If you think a larger diameter tip may be more comfortable, then I encourage you to try.  If you like the smaller diameter of the smaller tips, stick with those.  If you want bigger clouds, then I encourage you to try a true wide bore tip.  
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    hmm can't we just have both  I suppose if I had to choose... flavor probably. Believe it or not I've never actually given the temp control a go so to me it's an unknown (though plenty of the VT staff on the east coast use temp control coils/devices) I def don't want to deal with rebuilding as I'm usually to busy/lazy to deal with it. I'd rather screw on a coil and go. 
    It might have been lol 
    I was thinking about the TFV8 series as it's pretty popular through our store. But I like the idea of keeping my 510 tips (I actually like the stock tip that comes with the Nautilus though I'm using a Wood Drip Tip at the moment) The only down side to the baby beast is the low capacity. 
    FYI Hardware wise I'm using an iStick 40w. Good size, though a bit small for my larger hands. (I could easily grasp two of these things) My wife is using a Pico Mega (not to derail) but I'm not a fan of the button placement.  
    I've used a few RBA"s and I hate the amount of heat that comes through them 
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    spydre reacted to Adversarious1 in Sup Folks, what tank are you using?   
    That's the beauty of TC these days. There are a ton of "screw on the coil and go" options in nickel and SS out there now.

    And if you want flavor, watch my review of the baby beast again. AWESOME flavor. AWESOME clouds. The best of both worlds

    Sent from my heart using the Vapor Talk App. OK...OK...I'm kidding. I have no heart. But I did use the Vapor Talk Mobile App.

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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Crown 2, leaking, first impressions and a question   
    Mine still is not leaking,but everytime I put it down,the airflow gets closed.I am a pretty heavy vaper,so it's kind of annoying, but being forced to vape outside helps because when I put my mod back on the counter 9 times out of 10 I remember my rule of thumb is when you're done hitting it,close that airflow.by the way the .5 coils suck.they have wicking issues big time,even in tc mode.I had to stab a small hole in each part where the cotton goes with a pin.and even after that they last three days max. I am not running them above 45 watts on my worst day.their reccomended wattage is 50-80 I believe. You would think running it lower would make it last longer....nope!so vape at the wattage you want because they won't last anyway.I ordered the .8 kanthal,we will see.
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in What tanks do you suggest for me   
    That counts for almost any item in the store by the way, we'll usually price match (And everything is free shipping no minimum FYI) 
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