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    spydre reacted to KarynRH in Hot Coil/Tank Question   
    Ahhh, that might be it. I like some vapor but I don't much care about lots of it. In fact, there are times when too much vapor is a problem. I'll definitely try some 1.2 coils - thanks, both of you!
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    spydre reacted to Adversarious1 in Hot Coil/Tank Question   
    Welcome to VT @KarynRH
    Don't ever feel like an idiot for asking completely legitimate questions or stating completely legitimate concerns.  I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in stating that I would much rather see new vapers ask what may seem like silly questions to them than I would hear of someone who gave up out of frustration and went back to analogs, or worse, become a statistic because something DOES blow up in their face.
    That being said, I think @spydre is spot on.  It's probably getting hot simply due to hitting it several times in a short period of time.  It happens.  It doesn't mean anything is wrong with your mod, your tank or your particular method of vaping.  There are a couple of things you can do that will help cut down on it, though.  The first, and probably thet cheapest, I would recommend is trying a coil with a higher resistance than .5 ohm, for instance the 1.2 ohm coils SSOCC coils.  You won't get as much vapor, but it also won't get as hot.  As a mouth-to-lung vaper you may actually enjoy the higher resistance a bit more.  You will also notice a longer life on your battery between charging.  
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    spydre got a reaction from KarynRH in Hot Coil/Tank Question   
    That MIGHT be it, but I'm not sure.  It's not anything wrong with it, it just gets a little bit hot.  If I'm chain vaping on any of my tanks, they get hot (helpful hint:  a hot tank on bare skin hurts like hell).
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    That's exactly what it is. And holy moly, let me get you up to speed with PMTA. (You know what, I need to make some bullins about this on the forum. I get so wrapped up on things I forget to push the information down sometimes) 
    PMTA is regulation that was passed by the FDA on August of last year. The enforcement period starts to happen this year. It goes into full force the end of next year. The gist of it is this, no new products can be sold on the market as of August 28th, 2016. Unless it was sold or available before that date. The real issue though is the e liquid. There is a list of tasks vendor most complete if they want to remain on the market. 
    1. Submit manufacture information to the FDA (Vapor Talk just passed this phase) as required. Failure to do so could result in fines and/or worse. 
    2. Ingredient submission ( the deadline was this month but, it's been pushed back another 6 months). e Liquid manufacturers must test and submit ingredients to the FDA by the next deadline. (Vapor Talk Black Label has certification right no the product page. We share the info publicly) 
    3. The big one... PMTA is extremly complicated but the gist of it is this: We must go through human trials among a full blown list of other requirements in order to continue selling eliquid and other hardware products beyond the end of 2018. As it stands, if using a consulting firm or similar the cost is roughly 800,000 - 1 million dollars PER SKU. (One flavor, 3 strengths would cost between  600,000 and 3 million dollars depending on a number of different factors) If you don't adhere to PMTA or cannot afford it, you must pull your products before the deadline. Additionally there are labeling requirements (for example no cartoon characters, no candy type images etc) This is were most of the dumping of products can been seen. In fact I've seen a ton of vendors selling pretty close to cost. 
    Right now a number of companies do not plan to go through PMTA. They are selling off their bulk and will close down. (They don't want to advertise this for fear you'll stop buying their brand and opt to use another because customers want consistency) Totally Wicked for example, have been around forever. Since we started. They are pulling out of the US market and will only operate in Europe. As it stands, if things don't change, 95+% of the vendors you shop with now will no longer be in business. Most of your favorite products will no longer be available if they aren't PMTA registered. (That's almost all of them) It's not.. looking good. 
    The attitude many of is "I mix my own stuff I'm not worried." That's true, but that doesn't mean it won't still have a huge effect on device and supplies. Most won't or don't mix their own products. I hate to think of how many people will continue using traditional tobacco after the vaping industry goes under in the US. 
    You can read more about PMTA here: https://www.vaportalk.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-pmta/
    So to answer, Yes vendors are selling of eliquids cheap and it's because of PMTA. (The VT store even has a sale on a number of eliquids under the deals page. Most at close to cost. No profit margins) 
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    spydre got a reaction from Christopher in Whats going on with purchasing e-liquid online?   
    My guess would be the shops that make their own juice are either reducing the number of juices they manufacture because of the PMTA required, or stop selling them altogether.
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    spydre reacted to Adversarious1 in Well my new Favorite thing to do   
    Your favorite thing can be making it.  My favorite thing would be drinking it.
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    spydre reacted to cany in Well my new Favorite thing to do   
    Lol and old N beatup
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    spydre reacted to Jeffb in Well my new Favorite thing to do   
    Your fridge is dirty 
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    spydre reacted to Earthling789 in The FDA updates Compliance Policies for Local Vape Shops   
    Mine leaked from the air-holes too... because the glass allowed air in (breaking the vacuum seal)... but if it's not your glass or o-rings, the only other possibility is a defect in manufacturing tolerances of the steel portion of the tank... 
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    spydre reacted to Tam in The FDA updates Compliance Policies for Local Vape Shops   
    Are you sure this came down from the FDA? It actually makes sense... 
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    spydre reacted to Christopher in The FDA updates Compliance Policies for Local Vape Shops   
    Hi Folks, 
    The FDA has made some policies changes that affect local brick and mortar stores. Previously, retail associates were unable to assist customer in just about any way shape or form due to PTMA guidelines. Naturally, when a customer comes in with a problem and the associate is unable to help, it creates a dangerous situation. (For example, if a customer comes in stating their mod is warm, obviously a battery issue may need addressed asap)
    Previously, many vape retailers interpreted the regulations as being such that they could not perform services including changing coils, assembling a device and discussing how it functions, along with performing simple repairs and general troubleshooting.
    The FDA has made some updates - Without qualifying a vape shop as a tobacco manufacturer, staff can explain how to use a store product, employees can clean and perform maintenance on a purchased product, they can replace coils with new and identical ones, and they can assemble a product for the customer from the components packaged with the device.
    The FDA Is now also allows retail associates to assist customer in refilling their tanks so long as no modifications are made outside of what is recommended by the product's manufacture. 
    For more details see following PDF document HERE
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    spydre got a reaction from EMusic in How long have you been smoke free?   
    It was three years for me on August 14 (I remember the date because my mom was in the hospital with a blocked femoral artery, and there was concern that they couldn't find a big enough vein to use to bypass, and it was the day after her birthday).  I had stopped smoking on June 27, but I slipped up on the 14th from the stress.  I had exactly three cigarettes that day before sticking to my e-ciggy for good.  There have been times where I've wanted to smoke, especially if I'm around other smokers, or reading and a character lights a cigarette, but I haven't done it.
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    spydre reacted to Squid in Cloud comp   
    Sorry to say, but cloud comps are hurting people that vape responsibly, IMO. I like a  good cloud myself, but I generally use a rig and juice that don't produce clouds unless I am home. I used to smoke cigars, and could produce clouds very comparable to those pictured, granted a different technique. Vaping IMO is meant to get people away from smoking and the stigma attached to it. Most nonsmokers see vaping exactly the same as they do smoking due to the visual clouds. I can get my nic fix with barley any visual evidence, and no smell offensive to most. I vape a coffee flavor when at work as there is always a coffee maker or someone with a cup close, and  make sure I am not around anyone that minds the minor cloud I make.
    To each their own, not judging, but had to comment.
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    spydre got a reaction from smacksy in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Oh, I forgot the boxes on my other shelves, but those two boxes are only every three days.  MS, epilepsy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, GERD, and a few other things makes for....well, you get my drift.
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    spydre reacted to smacksy in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    All of my meds wouldn't fit in a single picture...the couple bottles shown were sharing space where I keep my juice due to limited shelf space...lol

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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    👼glad I'm not the only one,haha!!!
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    spydre got a reaction from smacksy in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    If I showed you guys meds, you would probably be afraid!lol
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    spydre got a reaction from smacksy in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    I was gonna say, you just showed us all your meds, and your real name, too (on one of the bottles).  My dad has early COPD - hasn't stopped him from smoking, sad to say.  He has diabetes, too.
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Wooden drip tip vs glass   
    I feel you on the steel,I hated the one on my crown 2.I thought my coils were going bad and it was a funky metallic taste from the steel.plus it was way too wide for my mouth,I prefer long and curved,I've discovered,I picked one like that up from my local vape shop and fell in love!not only was it more comfortable for me,it keeps my lipstick off the tank and I think the flavor is better.I have just ordered a really nice polished Ming wood tip from the store here,also the big Ming tip,that is plastic.I ordered some tips here similar but not quite the same and had some spitback,but I think that will resolve at a higher wattage.where did you pick up the jade?that just sounds delightful !
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Good to know,I think I will be happy, based on the one I bought at the vapeshop,and the ones I bought, here,it is like combining the good features of both,if that makes sense,lol.just realized I ordered two of the ming wooden tips,which is good,because I plan on picking up another crown 2,so I can run a separate tank for the stainless and kanthal coils....yes laziness,lol.I want one tank solely for tc haha.I will also be picking up the new 80 watt tc eleaf mod,internal battery,as my new back up for when I am charging my batteries,as I have kind of outgrown my istick 40 watt,and it doesn't support the stainless coils,life will be ever so much easier!of course I will keep all of my back ups,lol you never know! 
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    spydre reacted to Foofightervapegirl in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    I never had spitback until I used that tip:(we'll see I ordered a wooden one,and the big Ming here,they are a little bit wider.
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    spydre reacted to smacksy in Don't You Hate it When....   
    When vaping up to 5 mods in rotation I hate it when I forget what flavor was in what tank when refilling, lol

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    spydre reacted to Bebop in Don't You Hate it When....   
    ...or, you can't find the caramel macchiato because your wife got up before you and took that sucker to work with her....
    ...Aren't you glad you stashed a whole bottle of cafe mocha SHE doesn't even know about???.....
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    spydre reacted to FXRich in Don't You Hate it When....   
    Another bad thing is getting down the road a few miles, and discovering you forgot to change the battery, and its really low, and you have to use your backup, and that battery is not to great either. That's why I keep a charger in the console.
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