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    Brian reacted to Christopher in Drug Talk   
    Hey Vapor Talkers, Over the course of the last few years we've had to warn various members who join the forum, to suppress the discussion of illegal drugs. As no surprise, the subject brought up most often is whether or not you can vape marijuana with your e cigarette. More specifically the question is asked, how can THC be extracted for use in an e cigarette. We absolutely forbid this type of discussion and when it's mentioned the response is usually that - we're suppressing free speech, we're an example of how this country is going down hill or my favorite "Nazi's". Current and future members, believe me, we're far from Nazi's.
    Let me break everything down so everyone has a better understanding of why this rule is in place.
    Why do you suppress discussion of drugs, specifically marijuana, mary jane, Buddha, weed, etc
    Various entities in the government have been looking for anything they can, to discredit this industry for quite some time. Members and vapers have fought long and hard to keep e cigarettes legal. While some of you may be new to the vaping game, it's been a long a grueling road to keep e cigarettes legal. Suppliers have lost THOUSANDS of dollars in shipments seized coming into the county. There is no refund, there is no insurance. When the FDA snags your product, that's it. It's gone.
    Suppliers have spent thousands of dollars fighting the Food and Drug Administration to ensure electronic cigarettes are not banned. Just last year we were very close to losing our right to vape. I'm sure we can all agree that if people start using ecigs in conjunction with THC (which is already being done under the radar) The FDA or Mainstream media will happily spin this faster than you can pick up those THC drops. If we don't have the public's support we don't have an industry. 
    It's nothing personal, but we're here to protect e cigarettes and vaping first and foremost before anything else.
    So, you're against people using marijuana
    No, not at all. While I personally don't agree with drug use, we have no bias, concern or interest in what you do with your own body. I have no doubt we have many members here on the forum that smoke a little something to ease the stress of daily life. Our concern is simply we protecting the e-cigarette industry. 
    But it's legal in my state...
    While it may be legal in your state (California for example) that is only at a state level. You need to understand that our servers are not located in California. Either way it's irrelevant, if not solely for the fact that our hosting company forbids any type of drug talk. Legal or not. We could ultimately lose our dedicated servers over a someone curious about THC in e cigarettes. Frankly, I like my hosting company and don't plan to move the server. There are plenty of forums online that can more than likely help you figure out a way to do whatever it is you plan to do.
    I really want to know how to smoke weed out of my e cigarette
    There are PLENTY of other forums that discuss this type of activity. THIS forum, isn't the place for it. Again we're here to protect e cigarettes and vaping first and foremost before anything else.
    ok fine, but can it be done?
    Yes. THC e liquid is available at a few dispensaries around the country for medicinal purposes. No we don't have a list, no we won't help you find some.
    I have my right to free speech and you have no right to stop me
    I agree! The 1st amendment is incredibly important. However, you are on a privately run forum.
    That's it folks. I'm not here to be the bad guy. I'm simply protecting myself, my company and the future of vaping. I appreciate everyones understanding, I love my members and this community. I hope this gives you a better understanding about where I'm coming from.
    Happy vaping!
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    Brian reacted to Christopher in Disposable   
    We sell single use KR808 packs for $7 bucks by request. (One battery one cartomizer)
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    Brian reacted to Christopher in New Cigarette Health Warnings   
    Beginning September 2012, FDA will require larger, more prominent cigarette health warnings on all cigarette packaging and advertisements in the United States.

    Some other countries are already doing this, but damn, these are pretty hard core...

    You can read more directly from the FDA's website here: http://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/Labeling/CigaretteWarningLabels/default.htm
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    Brian reacted to nana in New Cigarette Health Warnings   
    I just saw this on the news. They said the pictures will be on the whole back and part of the front of the cigarette packages. They seem to be sure those pictures will make people quit smoking.
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    Brian got a reaction from nana in Disposable   
    Never used a disposable, so can't help much. The problem with a disposable is going to be battery life. If you're a heavy vaper, one of those small batteries is only going to last 1-2 hours max.

    Madvapes has some for $10.

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    Brian got a reaction from Christopher in Post Of Picture Of Your Favorite Ecig Setup   
    Provari and a GP-SSR.

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    Brian got a reaction from Christopher in Just Ran Across This Junk..   
    Googled this guy. Seems like if you're going to make a statement like that, you should have something to proof.


    Dr. Tom Eissenberg wins College Distinguished Scholar award

    The award is given for a product of scholarship that demonstrates significant depth and breadth of vision; creative and innovative development of theory, method or form; or extension of the frontiers of knowledge in a field that constitutes a substantial contribution to the intellectual community within or beyond the nominee’s field.

    Dr. Tom Eissenberg is a faculty member in the Biopsychology Program and an affliliate member of the Health Psychology Program. His primary area of research is the behavioral pharmacology of drugs of abuse, focusing primarily on nicotine/tobacco. His current work, funded by the U.S. NIH, involves 1) developing laboratory methods to evaluate potential reduced exposure products (PREPs) for tobacco users, and 2) understanding the knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and effects of waterpipe tobacco smoking. In addition, he tries to promote the responsible conduct of research, particularly with regard to interactions between local Investigational Review Boards (IRBs) and behavioral scientists. He has served on VCU's IRB since August, 2000. He recently chaired the American Psychological Association's Presidential Task Force on IRBs and Psychological Science, and currently chairs the American Psychological Association's Committee on Human Research and is a member of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco's Policy Committee.
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    Brian got a reaction from KaYoTiiC in Man Arrested For Farting.   
    Only in WV. LOL!

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    Brian reacted to SABOTEUR in Led Continueous Blinking   
    I often have the same problem with my 1100 mAh eGo battery. The battery is not making contact with the charger.

    First, use a paper towel or napkin to clean any excess or caked juice from the threads. Then take a paper clip and carefully lift the circular base enclosed within the battery threads. It doesn't take much. Just slightly lift the base a bit. Your battery should charge now.

    Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    Brian reacted to ThaLadyD in Questions About Organic Vg Juice.   
    Organic juices are made with certified organic flavorings. In order to be considered organic and bear the USDA seal, 95% or more of the ingredients used in certified organic flavorings have to be from organic sources. The lines they are processed on are not cleaned using chemicals or industrial solvents like most regular flavoring, or food companies would. They also do not contain any genetically modified organisms, and do not contain any chemical food additives.

    Natural flavors are derived from the ingredients they represent. Cherry comes from cherries.

    Artificial comes from a laboratory. They can be the exact same chemical make-up as the natural flavorings, just created in a lab.

    100% VG juice is made with vg based nicotine, vg or alcohol based flavorings, and plain vg. (Typically)

    There are no color differences between the vg juices, nor are the flavorings any better or worse than the other. (Except for individual preference) Some like the quality of the organics, some like how it's a 'greener' alternative.

    Hope this answers your questions!
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    Brian reacted to KaYoTiiC in Bauway 510-N Mod   
    Not even vented, Blu wannabe... NO THANKS
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    Brian got a reaction from jhonharvey in Need To Get Started   
    I looked up Coquitlam on google to see where you are. Ecigexpress has a store near White Rock, BC. Give them a call - I'm sure they'll hook you up.

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    Brian reacted to Emile in Where To Buy 18650 Batteries?   
    I got that info by doing research. I said that the 3000mah rating is legit (around 0.4A-1.2A draw), not that it's the top notch battery for E-cigarette use. Keep in mind that 18650's are more commonly used to power LED flashlights, not E-cigarettes. If a battery isn't good enough for you, then don't buy it but don't rag on my recommendation, ******-bag.
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    Brian reacted to Sharon in Straw Banana Shake Frze (Sweet-Vapes)   
    Blake I am by no means suggesting that you write a "fake review", but if you and your wife felt that there might have been something wrong with the way the juice had been made, as apposed to the juice was not to our liking, then I think you should have gotten in touch with Dayna and talked to her about it before posting a review that could damage her reputation and that of her business.

    I am sorry Blake, but I have reread your first post regarding the 4 other juices and I'm not seeing "it could be any of the such that I listed". I only see "they were far from a great tasting liquid" and "She also found these flavors very horrid". Followed by "it may not be the juice but more of the juice makers mistake". How are the readers suppose to know, from what you wrote, that it is your way of saying, just because you didn't like the liquid doesn't mean you won't? And if you say that it may not be the juice but more of the juice makers mistake, is saying that there might be a problem with quality control.
    Thanks for the "Just a little tip for ya". I didn't realize that this forum needed improvement!

    It is not my place nor my responsibility to tell you, or anyone else, that they are not "worthy enough member to be here". I never implied, nor will I ever state that anyone is not worthy to be a member of this forum. But, I do feel that the dialog between you and the other member was taken to the extreme.

    Now you are trying to make yourself look like the injured party by making the comment you did "To others... Now do you see why it's tough being honest? People get butt hurt when you speak the truth. Now I look like the bad person because I gave my opinion." Isn't that what you are trying to do to me for giving my opinion?

    I have said what I felt in my heart regarding the last half of your review. Just as you have expressed your feeling regarding my response. Let's just agree to disagree and let it be!
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    Brian got a reaction from KaYoTiiC in Straw Banana Shake Frze (Sweet-Vapes)   
    If you had put this in your original review I would not have asked the question I did. This makes it more clear (to me) why you said what you did.

    Are you going to send this juice back so she can see if something is wrong with it?
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    Brian reacted to bdoubleu in New Mod!   
    haha sorry i was checking out videos on utube and got rick rolled twice and laughed both times...figured i would give everyone else a laugh
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    Brian reacted to ThaLadyD in New Mod!   

    I was all pumped to see a new mod

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    Brian got a reaction from JonHitThingWithRock in Ego-T ... Gets Old Quickly   
    The discount is automatic when you enter a quantity of 10. If you enter more or less, it doesn't work. 10 only.

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    Brian reacted to fran1959 in Anyone Else Have The Kr808D-1?   
    I don't know about the cigeasy, but I have a KR801D and I like it for out and about. the best cartomizers I have found definitely for it are the bloog ones, they come from bloogplanet, I buy empties and fill them. For your immediate problem, you might try sticking a paper clip in the carto around the part the juice goes in and give it a little wiggle. It sounds like the carto may be gone, but maybe someone else will come along that knows more than I do about these things. If your battery is charged and there is juice in it, I don't know what else it could be. Have you tried taking napkin or q-tip and making sure you don't have juice on the connections?

    Hope this helps till you can at least get home
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    Brian got a reaction from Christopher in Can I Take Ego On Airplane?   
    I have flown a few times with no problems. Put the eliquid in with your other liquids (in the quart ziploc bag). Just put the ecigs in your purse or other carry-on bag. No problem.
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    Brian reacted to nana in The Best Option For 0 Nic Pacifier Vaping?   
    After reading both of your posts, I don't quite understand. You've never smoked and you only vaped once years ago. You didn't like vaping because you didn't get enough vapor...you want heavy vapor. How do you know you want heavy vapor if you've never had it? In your other post you said "The sensation of vapor coming out of the mouth is just so pleasant, it's akin to getting a nice body massage.", but in this one you said "I didn't particularly enjoy it because the ecig I had was pretty crappy and didn't produce much vapor at all so I left it." I'm not sure how it can be pleasant and yet you didn't enjoy it. If you did not enjoy the experience years ago, why are you interested again?

    Everyone here used to be a smoker. We switched to vaping in the hopes that it would be better for our health than smoking. We all believe that it is, but it is a substitute for smoking. For most of us, if we couldn't vape, we'd go back to smoking. Simple as that. Vaping isn't cheap by any means - even using 0 nic liquid. For most of us, it's just a better option than smoking.

    We are here to help anyone who wants to make the switch from smoking to vaping. We do not encourage non-smokers to take up vaping, but we can make recommendations if it's really something you want to do (assuming you are over the age of 18). If someone was wanting to try smoking, I would encourage them to try vaping instead, but I think I would try to discourage them from trying either one. I only want you to think about it.
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    Brian reacted to Christopher in Tough Times   
    heh, I get that a lot
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    Brian got a reaction from fran1959 in Here I Am   
    This thread is about cats. If you want to talk about weiners please keep it in the mosh pit. LOL!
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    Brian reacted to hawkizefan in Menthol Crystal Help   
    LOL....LOL...LOL...I'm sorry but my dyslexia kicked in and I read the subject as "crystal meth" help...and I just had to check in for the responses. I'm sorry....my wife probably has a point.....
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    Brian reacted to HyOnLyph in How To Make Friends On Vapor Talk?   
    I think you mean me!! HyOnLyph!! My wife and I still have the home for women. We currently have 6 women living in our home and so far over 15 of our girls have embraced PVs as an alternative. We don't pressure them at all but offer them if they want. We help them get started and it is up to them to save their money and purchase their own continuing supplies. Many of the folks from this forum have generously helped us and we are so grateful. While I realize that there are a lot of spammers and scams out there.... I can assure you, we are not one of them. I sell nothing to the ladies. Everything is either donated or purchased by me to help them and they are offered the PVs and Juice for free. They purchase their own stuff after that. I've referred a number of folks to the VaporTalk Store. Midnight is still my number one all time favorite flavor. I just don't vape much and only zero nic but I sure do love the Midnight.

    Greetings to all and especially Christopher.

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