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    Tam got a reaction from BigDaddy Long Leg in Help   
    Vaping regular e-liquid shouldn't be a problem unless they're also looking into nicotine use. If you haven't had any weed in the past 30 days or more, haven't used anything with CBD or any other component of marijuana, you should have been fine.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Best tank   
    The best set up is the one that works best for you. Vaping is extremely subjective so what works well for one person may not for another. If you've found something that makes you happy, that's probably the one you should stick with.   
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Happy Halloween!!!!   
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    Tam reacted to Christopher in Many vape stores are indicating that the ego-c & ego-twist lines have been discontinued.   
    The vision spinner was one of my favorite batteries, it was my go to device for a long time. 
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    Tam got a reaction from Bebop in Many vape stores are indicating that the ego-c & ego-twist lines have been discontinued.   
    Like you, @Bebop, I started with the eGo batteries, but the latest and greatest at the time was an eGo-T. Shortly after I got my first kit the eGo-C pass through came out and I upgraded. Then the Vision Spinner came out (very like an eGo Twist but with a slightly bigger capacity battery), and the rest is history of an empty bank account.    
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Many vape stores are indicating that the ego-c & ego-twist lines have been discontinued.   
    long live the ego-C!  That was my ticket off the cigs so long ago.   simple and effective.  ah, those were the days.....
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    Tam reacted to FXRich in Emergency coil construction   
    I believe the .9 measurement was probably wrong. To get .9 ohms using 22g 304 you would need to do 30 wraps using a 3mm id even using a 5mm id you would need 20 wraps. (that is according to steam) If you checked the resistance using a multimeter you would have to subtract the resistance of the leads, which can vary depending on the quality, and the length of the leads.
    If nothing else use the wire out of a twisty tie, just strip the plastic off of it.(seen that in another post)
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Emergency coil construction   
    remove cotton
    gently burn off old coil and clean (Heating, then rapid dip in cold water)
    should buy you a week
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    You're in good hands with @Bebop giving you sound advice. He's good at troubleshooting issues. 
    Hey, would you turn off the caps lock, though?  You're among friends. No need to shout.
    Thank you.   
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    let us help you.
    tell me what you did to turn it on again.  
    is the top box  not turning on at all?  or is it just not producing vapor?   I'm assuming you have the subtank mini tank on there?   what coils are you using?  do you have a separate charger?   and please take the batteries out and make sure they are not rusted and corroded.....
    hey,  I'm just trying to talk you off the ledge. 
    the sub tank mini is one of the most reliable vapes I've ever owned.   I'm sure we can work it out.  
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Almost 7 years vaping but behind the times   
    need more info.
    do you build your own coils? only store bought?
    are you a heavy vaper?   like lots of vapor and power?
    what are the specifics on your beloved set up?
    what resistance?  what wattage do you set? how much do you vape? what nicotine content do you use?
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Help with Baby V8 T8 coils   
    Looks like @Bebop is doing a great job of getting you through this.  Just as a couple of side notes:
    1.  Smok coils often are flaky.  We get a lot of problems here with them.
    2.  Sometimes a mod will not read a new coil.  One thing you can try is to fire the mod with no coil a few times and see if it indicates no atomizer.  This may help it read a new coil when you put it on.  35 Watts into a .4 Ohm coil causes the mod to put out about 3.74 Volts.  If the mod doesn't read the new coil and puts that 3.74 volts into a .15 ohm coil it will be developing about 93 Watts.  
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Help with Baby V8 T8 coils   
    You mentioned earlier "3 dry draws" which in my opinion does next to nothing to help prime a coil.    You CAN close off the airflow and do a couple little draws which essentially pulls a little juice in to the coil but I would be gentle with that because you could flood the coil if too much. 
    pulling air over a dry coil does next to nothing.  
    hope that helps
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Help with Baby V8 T8 coils   
    yes that may have contributed to it but not sure how.   always safest to check your wattage when installing a new coil.
    Tip:   On a new coil or one I haven't tried before I set my voltage,  not the wattage.   (wattage will adjust automatically).  I set voltage to 3.9, to start,  up to 4.2.     Then I see how it vapes and adjust up or down accordingly to performance.
    I dont know if your device displays wattage and voltage at the same time (most do).
    Also,  that T8 is a large coil (8 coils actually each with their own cotton) so I would make triple sure it is well primed.  that means letting it soak for a couple minutes minimum no matter what else you do to prime it.
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Help with Baby V8 T8 coils   
    the T8 and the Q2 are very different coils.
    the Q2 is a .4 ohm coil which should run very nicely at 50 watts or so.   The T8 is a .15 ohm coil which should take way higher watts around 60 - 80w easily.
    Are you verifying your wattage change when you switch the coil to the T8? The T8 would barely heat up at 35w.   It's a mystery that it would burn on one hit at 35w.  doesn't make sense. 
    Did you verify your smok 225 is in wattage mode and not TC (temperature Control) mode?
    I don't know what else to tell you at this point.  It's a mystery.  you may need some hands on help because it doesnt make sense.
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Safety   
    I just want to add for edumacational purposes, youh understand...
    Volts vs Watts
    you're looking at two sides of the same equation.
    Watts = Amps x Volts
    So when you change "watts" on your device, you are really adjusting the voltage.  As your "watts" reduce your voltage drops with it.   If I were to draw a piss poor analogy,  think of it like the equation 2 + 2 = 4.     If I change the 4 to 3,   I automatically have to reduce the 2 to 1. (1 +  2 = 3) the 2 sides of the equation are "tied" together.
    so when you change your wattage and see your voltage changing that is what you are seeing; the two sides of the equation "balancing".
    What we are concerned with is exceeding the amp rating of our battery.   Amps are calculated by watts ÷ volts.   ex:  60watts ÷ 3.7 volts = 16.2 amps.    Your battery has to be rated for more than that amount or it goes *boom*
    This is why your battery "shuts down" at 3.2 volts minimum because you can see that if your volts dropped to 2 volts,  at 60 watts you would be drawing 30 amps!   yeah,  *boom*
    A regulated mod is designed to keep the voltage constant as the battery discharges.  That keeps you safe and happy. 
    This is just a simple, practical explanation and is in no way intended to inform, insult, offend, challenge or disrespect any real electrical engineer.  No real engineers were harmed in this explanation.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Safety   
    Weird. The link loaded just fine for me...
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    Tam reacted to Walt in New vaper   
    @Tam is like the best vape mentor on the planet and her words are golden.  Brought me from OMG, what have I done to I love this vaping!  One thing you have to watch with @Tam, I obviously started out with one mod.  I now have over 50.  She is an enabler for the hideous disease of shinyitis.  It is contagious and is web-born.  
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Finding My Way   
    Welcome to Vapor Talk!   
    You've gotten a lot of very good advice from @Walt. I'll add a few things too, even though I'm not familiar with your mod.
    First, we call it 'juice' or 'eliquid', there isn't (or shouldn't be) any oil in the liquid you use to vape. If there is, I would dispose of it and get liquid that has VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), food grade flavoring, and nicotine (as Walt said, either regular nic or salt nic). Sometimes there's also food coloring but I tend to not go that route, I don't want anything more in my liquid than minimally possible.
    That said, since you're just starting out, I wouldn't buy any quantities of one flavor of e-liquid right now. The reason behind that train of thought is that you are just now quitting smoking. Your body is going through a lot of changes detoxifying from all the carcinogens that cigarettes contain. Your taste buds are changing too. What tastes good to you today in e-liquid form may not be as good to you tomorrow. When I first started, I went through flavors until I had well over 40 (that's probably on the low side as I went a little overboard experimenting) and switched around as my mood took me.
    If you're switching flavors, you'll want to have a different tank and coil to keep it in. Using the same coil for different flavors may wind up giving you a happy accident of a good flavor or it could be a disgusting mistake. There is a wick inside the coil that soaks up e-liquid. This wick will retain traces of the old flavor so you really want to have a different tank - it's easier this way to just change out tanks.
    Repeating Walt again, start with a low wattage level, you don't have to use what's advised, just start at something low and vape. If that's not doing it for you by giving you the flavor and vapor you want, turn it up just a few notches and vape. Repeat until you get a slight burnt taste. Back it down a bit. That's how you find your "sweet spot." As your coil ages, you may need the turn it up a bit. When you use your coil to heat up the e-liquid, the e-liquid will leave some gunk behind. The more build up you get, the more resistance it creates. The more resistance your coil has, the more power you'll need to heat the e-liquid to get the desired results. The darker, sweeter e-liquids will gunk up your coils faster.
    Vaping will dehydrate you so start drinking more water. Don't increase your liquid intake by drinking soda, coffee, tea, juice... whatever. Just plain water. You'll thank me later. 
    Sorry for the long post, but I hope some of this will help. Good luck, and ask lots of questions. We've all been there, done that, and want to help new vapers get off cigarettes.   
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Geekvape Aegis Legend   
    It's a decent mod.  I did a review on it here:   
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Walt's first pod Eleaf IWu   
    That all makes sense, especially the "world around us going nuts" part.  I find myself popping it into my shirt pocket when I leave the house.  The more I use it, the more I like it.  I may bond with it yet.  
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in CDC Finally debunks toxin myths   
    Sadly, the fear mongers will fail to read any of these conclusive studies and continue to spread misinformation. Still, it's nice to see that more studies are being performed and the same results are coming out. Maybe some day the mainstream news will pick up on it. One can dream...
    Thanks, Walt, for putting up this post.   
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    Tam got a reaction from Smoking Joe in Say Something Positive About E-Cigarettes? You Must Be A Bot Say Scientists   
    Man, but I wish I were a bot! That way I wouldn't be so freakin' tired all the time. 
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Say Something Positive About E-Cigarettes? You Must Be A Bot Say Scientists   
    Man, but I wish I were a bot! That way I wouldn't be so freakin' tired all the time. 
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    Tam got a reaction from Bebop in What Are You Vaping Today?   
    Still vaping the FLaN, but I find that I chain vape it too much because it's so smooth. The berry mixes are acidic, and with the higher salt nic, I find I can take a few draws and I'm good for awhile. 
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