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    Thanks guys. I told her all of you guys advice and she is finding vaping much easier. She has now gone just over 1 month without smoking, so we are both really happy with her progress
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    Decided to give squonking a try. My Fuchai 213 Squonk kit came today. (Why is it when you're waiting on vape mail the mail is always late??!!) I got the yellow color, though it's more gold than yellow. Also got a Dead Rabbit RDA. The reviews of the Cube RDA (that came in the kit) weren't particularly favorable for whatever reason, but it's working well so far, of course it's only been a couple of hours! I have the Rabbit if the Cube falls out of favor! The mod is comfortable to hold, menu easy to navigate, I'm good to go!
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    Forget the wattage. it's not important. whatever coil you put in, set the voltage at about 3.7 V. then vape it and adjust up from there. somewhere in there you will find a sweet spot. Make a note of the wattage (watts are a product of voltage accross the resistance (ohm)) whenever you use a different ohm coil, do the same thing. If your using the same coil, vape the wattage you found works. the higher the voltage (or wattage - same difference) the more you will shorten coil life. So if you want longer life, be conservative in your power settings. A brand new coil will take higher power for a while. But you are likely to burn it out faster. there is always a trade off. I usually vape any coil I make at 3.9 - 4.2 volts and let the wattage fall where it may. (I get long coil life - 2 to 4 weeks). You can't adjust voltage and wattage separately. they are tied together. When you "raise the wattage" you are really just increasing the voltage across the coil. Raise the voltage and the watts goes up. lower the voltage and the watts go down. Its fine to remember the wattage and use that number to set your mod as manufacturers seem to realize that people focus in the wattage. But it's really the voltage you are changing. It's like a car. The speedometer doesnt make the car go. You dont "raise the speedometer", (wattage), you give it more gas (voltage).
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    battery sizing

    Rich, you are correct... I was talking about the LG HG2, and my brain was focused on the Samsung 30Q, which are also 3000mAh batteries, but only rated for 15A continuous discharge. The LG are rated for 20A continuous (and tested to prove it). I've used both the Samsung, and LG batteries (25R, 30Q, HE2, and HG2), and I love the Samsung 25R (blue and green versions)... they retain near full capacity even after 1000 recharge cycles. I'm not a huge fan of the 30Q, anymore, because they don't hold but 50-60% capacity after about 350 cycles, but they are great for that first year. The LG is the opposite... the HE2 tend to lose about 20-30% capacity ability after ~400 cycles, but so far, the HG2 are still hitting near 3000mAh even after 400+ cycles. I'm about to purchase a new block of batteries to replace our aging stock of 30+ 18650's. My wife currently goes through two (sometimes three) batteries a day, and I go through three singles (or two to three pairs in the dual-battery-mods). So, I'll be picking up six fresh Samsung 25R-5 (green) for our single-battery mods, and probably four pairs of LG HG2 for the dual-battery mods. The old ones will be headed to recycling! Low Ohm is subjective, but most of us would agree that 0.15 Ohms is "low". Personally, I define "low" as anything below 0.5 Ohms. Sub-ohm is anything less than 1.0 Ohm.
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    Welcome all new members

    Welcome to Vapor talk . In addition to the forums stop by and check out the FB page Vapor talk forum FB page
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    Has anyone tried this brand?

    Hey vapors!! Im new to vaping and looking for a new flavor! I found this picture on instagram and It looks good but I hate buying liquid online. So can anyone tell me if its good or not? Does it look like its worth trying? If you have any recommendations as well please lmk!!
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    Advice for a beginner vaper

    I agree with both @cany and @VapeMama but be prepared to have to do some trial and error. For me it was a little like going to the doctor. Pretty good but now I have this going on. Change prescription. You get the drift. And then there's the "oh look, something new!" In search of the ultimate vape! Wonderful hobbie if you look at it like that. Like @cany, I would be embarrassed if I divulged how many mods, atties, and juices I have went through and or have. Regardless, it brings me a lot of joy both in the activity and knowing I'm not on analogs any longer.
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    Looking for the perfect pocket bottle for me

    EC Blends also has lots of bottles in different sizes made of PET, LDPE or HDPE plastic. https://www.ecblendflavors.com/empty-bottles-all-styles-all-sizes/
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    New to vaping

    Hello! I'm very new to vaping, so please don't be mean. I started with the SMOK pod system then upgraded to the SMOK T-PRIV with TFV8 Baby (standard) tank. I accidentally gutted the pre-installed coil when trying to figure out why I leaked an entire 5ml of juice the first time I used it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Completely accidental. Thankfully it also had the dual coil with it, no leaks since switching! I also purchased the TFV8 Baby V2 tank with it, which I haven't opened yet. I'm vaping CBD oil (150mg per 30ml) with 6mg of nicotine juice together. Great flavor mix I put together I might add. One of my local shops is amazing with great flavors and prices! My problem is, I'm having trouble finding the best seeing for me. Should I just start with the lowest and keep going up until I find the right one? Right now I'm at 43.0 watts on normal. Sometimes my clouds will be huge and others not so much. There's also a whistling sound at times, but not always (I guess turning the.... Airflow?..... part in the bottom changes that). I have successfully stopped smoking my filtered cigars for a full week and plan to lower my nicotine mg in two more weeks! I also have trouble sometimes with coughing a lot, like I've just talked a huge toke from a blunt (something I haven't done in 16 years) and that tends to be a problem sometimes. Eventually I'll be vaping to simply enjoy the amazing flavors available, but I'm lost on how to find the best settings to use. Any and all advice given is appreciated very much! TIA
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    Favorite ejuice currently??

    my favorite ejuice is blueberry, and most of the time i purchase from <removed spammy link> this vendor
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    Nic shot problem

    you have to cut it with something less than 3mg otherwise you're fighting a losing battle. If I understand you correctly, you cut 80 ml with 20 MLS of 18mg which gave you about 100mls of 6mg juice. adding more 18mg is just going to increase its strength
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    In general the higher the resistance the lower the power needed, kinda, sorta..... The mass of the coil, the heat flux of the coil, and the design of the vapor chamber of the atty also play a big part in this. Two exotic coils @ .5Ω will require a lot more power than a simple wire single coil @ the same resistance. As far a flavor, the design of the atty is the most important factor. I have atties that will produce wonder flavor at 20W and 1Ω and others that require more exotic coils to reach their flavor potential. I have a Siren II atty that I build @1Ω and use with single 18650 mods and get great battery life. It is a single coil atty and I use simple wire and get great flavor. The draw is restricted although direct to lung and the vapor production is limited although satisfying to me.
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    Getting back too my roots

    @Cany that is awesome to hear. I couldn't do that at all, I am too adjusted to direct lung inhale....lol Once upon a time I used Nautilus tanks and really enjoyed them. Either way that is cool that you can go back to those and enjoy them.
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    your battery fully charged will put out 4.2V at 30A you can have a 0.14 coil. 3.7 is the nominal voltage the less the charge the lower the volts, the more it is charged the more the volts. You should build to the highest volts. http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.html
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    E liquid nicotine?

    Thanks! That’s kinda what I was planning to do too
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    Anyone know what kinda tank this is?

    That looks like it Thanks Tam 😍😍
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    Contest Ideas?

    If you just want Quick and dirty to get the stuff gone, I can PM you my address... 🤣
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    Getting back too my roots

    I use a couple of PT2s on subvod batteries as part of my daily rotation, good flavor and less vapor to cloud everything up. (1.8 coils)
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    battery sizing

    I don't build any coils below .5 ohms, most of my coils are .7 - .8, unless I use dual coils I never get below .5 Smok coils are usually dual coil or even more, I believe they make a 8 coil setup. A .15 setup with 8 coils would be 1.2 ohms per coil, takes a lot of power to fire 8 coils. As far as the LG HG2 batteries go they are all I use, so I had to mention that they are 20A.
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    battery sizing

    I hate to disagree with a fellow poster, but mooch rates the LG HG2 as a 20A battery, here is a link https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/7p5pm9/bench_retest_results_lg_hg2_20a_3000mah_18650a/
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    battery sizing

    I mentioned those above... yes I recommend them. Be aware they are 15A continuous discharge, but higher capacity (3000mAh), compared to LG HE2. They will last a little longer between recharges, but won't handle high wattage / low resistance builds very well. Use a vaping calculator to determine how many Amps your builds need... then get a battery that will exceed those requirements, not just "meet them".
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    You don't say what kind of tank and mod you have. The most common solution to your problem is probably the center pin on the mod isn't high enough, if you use a pin or toothpick to pry it up a little bit it will probably help. If you use a metal pin or needle to pry it up keep your fingers away from the fire button, or remove the batteries if possible. I guess you did say what kind of mod you have in the title.
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    Mod problem

    it's normal for it to change a little bit, it usually goes a little higher with use but that is a pretty big change. build your new coils and try again
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    battery sizing

    You will want a battery that provides continuous 20A discharge rate... there are several that have these specs, but these are the ones I recall off the top of my head... Samsung 25R (green wrapper), LG HE2 (red wrapper), and Sony VTC6 (green wrapper). All of these can sustain 20A discharge, but will support burst discharge of 30A or 35A. If you are vaping in the 80-100W range, even at that low of a resistance, you should be safe with even a 15A battery (Samsung 30Q or LG HG2). The higher the mAh capacity, the lower the continuous discharge ratings. The 15A batteries I've listed are larger capacity 3000mAh, compared the first ones I listed, which are 2500mAh (with exception of the Sony VTC6, which is rated at 3000mAh, and quite expensive compared to the Samsung or LG batteries). Always pair your batteries, and never break the set, for best results... also rotate them between the two slots... If labeling them A and B, put A in the left side this time... then after re-charge, put B in the left side next time it is used....
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    LIL - Smok says blink 4 times means that you have a short at battery and atomizer. you need to replace the atomizer (coil) (which probably means the whole mouthpiece/tank) most likely, Or try taking it apart and cleaning it and looking for any obvious reasons for an electrical short
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    Ejuice infused CBD

    CBD discussion is only allowed in one part of the forum. Moving this to that location.
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    Too cool, too cool!!! We've done a lot of recordings by recording live tracks and mixing them for the purpose of letting potential clients know exactly how we sound. Mistakes and all left in. This is our first go around at actual "studio" recordings. Everybody is learning a lot. There is some pressure as one member has a benchmark quality he wants to achieve but the album will not be for sale. We plan on having it pressed into vinyl just for us and close friends. There is no marketing pressure involved at least.
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    This is insane

    DAMN! Watch ""Controlled" explosion of a UltraFire 18650 batte…" on YouTube http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA
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    It could well have been but the only thing it's invading now is my bin haha I believe just a glass reinforcement to stop it shattering when it's being shipped. Nothing too interesting unfortunately haha
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    I got it out it was a piece of rubbery material to support the glass when they're shipping it I believe Thank you! I was hoping it wasn't another invasive species from China.
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    I got it out it was a piece of rubbery material to support the glass when they're shipping it I believe
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    It looks a little loose and I wouldn't have that much bend so quick right after the coil. Your wick tightness should be just short of moving/bending your coils as you pull it through. In fact, you may need to put a little counter tug with your other hand on the opposite side as you pull to "stretch" the cotton a little. Once through, you should do a light combing/fluffing of the tails before you bend and place them. Juice them up really really well and let them sit a little so the juice saturates completely through. Juice a little more and pulse fire a few times. Juice a little more and you should be ready to go. You will probably need to drip juice around every five draws. Try not to chain vape so as to give the juice time to resaturate to the middle of the coil. As a side note, I usually go with larger ID coils (3mm and larger) as this also helps with not getting dry hits and greater surface area in contact with the wicking for more vapor production.
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    My homebrew watermelon menthol right now on my rta,higher nic homebrew Apple pie on my naut mini,and Carmel cappuccino in my rda! I don't do vendor brands anymore at all.too expensive,especially with Christmas and a wedding coming up!
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    Welcome all new members

    Welcome aboard Valentino
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    Welcome all new members

    Bravo! and Welcome! This is the place to draw from the experience of other vapors for sure.
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    Starting a new mod company. Calling it Last Vape.
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    Welcome all new members

    Congrats you two! Putting down those nasty cigarettes is a giant accomplishment. I'm 19 months cigarette free and won't ever go back.
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    Welcome all new members

    And congratulations 2U2!
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    Welcome all new members

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    Welcome all new members

    Hi all I'm new to this I can't believe I'm not smoking anymore I've been smoking for 33 yrs I tried everything the gum the patches nothing helped till I started vaping man why didn't I start sooner I'm 15 days cigarette free with this vaping thingy I don't even crave a cigarette I can't believe I'm doing this I'm not coughing as much anymore I was smoking 2 packs a day now nothing when I started vaping I'd smoke a cig when I had to charge it now I bought another vapor so now I haven't smoked in 2 weeks I'm so happy I need to read more about this vaping thingy so that's why I'm here have a great day night evening where ever you all are Sent from my iPhone using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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    This is insane

    I couldnt agree more with this Chris. It is a disturbing trend to see some of the questions that are asked. I do not chime in because I have vaped for about a year and a half now and never even considered anything I have to build or rebuild because its not in my forte' of skills lol. It really should be an activity practiced by the top few % of vapers that have an honest and true understanding of it. Like I have said many times, the misuse of Mechs and batteries by noobs not ready for advanced PVs are in my opinion the single biggest threat to the future legality of vaping.
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    This is insane

    If this doesn't scare u into using your mod RDAs and batteries right, I don't know what will.
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    This is insane

    I'm going to sticky this topic with a title change because as has already been said, battery safety is a serious issue. One I think some of the newcomers don't take seriously enough. Great video.
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    This is insane

    Even a VTC 4 would be nice to see.
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    This is insane

    I guess the good news is even with a direct short this battery puts out a fair warning things are not right. That gotta be one hot potato long before it blows.
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    This is insane

    glad to have IMR
  48. 1 point

    This is insane

    I'm surprised the acid didn't eat through that cardboard box lol.
  49. 1 point

    This is insane

    Now imagine that in a enclosed in a mod, in your pocket or in your car while your shopping. Battery safety is no joke.
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    Yep,I had an issue with too much VG giving me a sour belly. Certain juice flavors does this also. Usually if I keep the VG low it's not an issue,I try to stay around 20% VG or less.

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